Another Story From Another Place, Theatre Review. Unity Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

Cast: Lucy Fiori, Austin Hewitt.

The art of entertaining children, let alone an audience, is one that is vastly underrated. The minds of the young crave knowledge and yet they will not allow themselves to put up with the half baked or the condescending; for them a tale worth telling is a tale worth telling well, it is after all how we as a society get them to appreciate their imagination and treat it with respect and sanctity.

Another Story From Another Place is the prime example of how to capture the minds of the youngest users of that flowering imagination and allow them to see the responsibility that comes with such awakening to other worlds beyond their dreams.

For Lucy Fiori and Austin Hewitt, the story is only the beginning, it is also a sense of identity, a realm of possibilities, after all, it really doesn’t matter what age you are, to hear the words of a person dedicating themselves fully to the power of narration, of harnessing your thoughts for a while, is to be allowed carefree reign once more.

Another Story From Another Place, a series of tales with a moral at the heart of them all, a picture book of cascading words over the beat of the fantasy and the camp fire and one that children and their family would enjoy. It takes a lot to entertain children but both Ms. Fiori and Mr. Hewitt are the epitome of friendliness and open source of intelligent, responsible tales and their show is both heart-warming and utterly socially beguiling.

A tale worth telling is always told well, sometimes it doesn’t matter who the narrator is but in Another Story From Another Place, the extra bonus is that the performers on stage show that with the knowledge and positivity that a tale can change a mind, that can harness the imagination, then it is all for the greater good of society as a whole.

Another Story From Another Place is a charming and positive production, one that will brighten any young child’s day.


Ian D. Hall