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The Curious Disappearance Of Mr. Foo, Theatre Review. Unity Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Simon Wan, Tina Malone.

The richness of Liverpool’s cultural heritage is forever blessed because of every single person that has made their way to Liverpool. No matter how far, no matter the reason, like New York, it is a city built upon the history of strangers coming from far afield and giving a little piece of their home. That history inspires, it moulds an area and its people and yet occasionally the lives that have been touched by meeting somebody new is destroyed by ill thinking by Government agreements.

Tina Malone To Star In The Curious Disappearance Of Mr. Foo This June.

An Irish Catholic reflects on lost love, her Chinese fiancé repatriated by force, 1940’s Liverpool, racism and betrayal.

The Curious Disappearance of Mr. Foo, which comes to The Unity Theatre on Saturday 21st June, focuses on the effect a forced repatriation of Chinese seamen from Liverpool in 1946 had on families and friends of the men, who were rounded up by the UK government over a 2-day period and immediately deported, unbeknown to their loved ones. Details of the repatriation only came to light when an official report was released 50 years later.

Cinderella, Theatre Review. St Helens Theatre Royal.

Richard De Vere as Dandini. Photograph by Ian D. Hall.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Tina Malone, Leanne Campbell, James Waud, Charlie Griffiths, Richard De Vere, Marc Lawlor, Simon Foster, Nick Cochrane, Schnorbitz.

The village of Stoneybroke and its love deprived prince are in need of good fortune and a princess to bring love to its desolate and poor people. They certainly don’t come any poorer than Baroness Hardup and her daughter.  It may be a fairytale but for those that go along to the St. Helens Theatre Royal to catch one of the classics of the panto season, the tremendous Cinderella, it will be impossible not to feel touched and elated at the grand piece of theatre on offer.

Liverpool Sound And Vision: The Sunday Postscript, An Interview With Charlie Griffiths

For anyone who has caught Charlie Griffiths either on stage in one of her many theatre productions or hearing her sing as part of the duo Killa Sista, it is easy to see why so many critics and, more importantly, audiences love her. She has numerous credits to her name, her first television appearance in Children’s Ward at the age of 13 led onto other  television roles. Her love of theatre has seen her star in Road as Helen, the title role in Everyman, Emma in A Liverpool Tale and Gloria in Return To Forbidden Planet.

Liverpool Sound And Vision: The Saturday Supplement. An Interview With Dannielle Malone.

British playwright, Andrea Dunbar, wrote the sensational Rita, Sue and Bob Too! in the early 1980’s. It caused much controversy at the time as it played on the negative outlook of certain rundown council estates in the north of England and especially in her part of Bradford.  On the back of sell out performances at the St Helens Theatre Royal last year, the team behind the revival of the play have bought it back for another incredible run at the theatre.

Rita, Sue and Bob Too!, Theatre Review. St. Helens Theatre Royal.

Dannielle Malone, Paul Opacic, Nikki Sanderson in Rita, Sue and Bob Too! Photograph by Ian D. Hall

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Tina Malone, Nikki Sanderson, Paul Opacic, Dannielle Malone, Mickey Finn, Elyn Kennedy, Paul Malone.

In 2011 Andrea Dunbar’s Rita, Sue and Bob Too! had a sell out run at the St. Helens Theatre Royal, as it comes round again it is easy to see why this portrayal of Margaret Thatcher’s council estate Britain is such a popular and long lasting hit production.