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The Selecter, Gig Review. The Olympia, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * * *

Art Comes First, those three words must be true, not only does the enigmatic and iconic Pauline Black declare it on the back of her jacket inside the Liverpool Olympia, in her presence on stage, in the way this woman to whom the world stops and trembles because of her honest and forthright views, shouted in many different phrases between songs, the small whisper of love and the wonderful sneered boom of derision to those who make life difficult for anyone who has an ounce of creativity in their bones.

The Selecter, Subculture. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

You can’t keep a good genre down for long. Like Progressive Rock which seemed to die a death in the late seventies, aside from a wonderful brief renaissance due to a certain band in the 1980s, Blues which collapsed under its own weight and almost near corpulent excess and the many predicted passing of Heavy Metal which like the late Christopher Lee in many of his outings as Dracula, comes back to enthuse a new generation with its addictive bite; so to have many impatient scribes long lamented over the lack of Ska in the last decade.

The Selecter, Gig Review. East Village Arts Centre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9.5/10

For three years on the spin The Selecter have made their way to Liverpool and given such dynamic performances that they are impossible to ignore, especially on a night when so much was going on with the confines of the city’s bustling streets.

The Selecter are one of the seminal bands of their genre and perhaps arguably one of the most iconic and much loved, mainly due to their front woman, Pauline Black, being such a positive role model, on all who ever meet her.

The Selecter, Gig Review. 02 Academy, Liverpool. (2014)

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

No matter how many years go by, nothing ever really ever seems to change at all. No matter how hard you try to see the difference, time has not erased any of the anxiety or difficulties that affect ordinary lives.

However, sometimes you can’t have enough of Too Much Pressure though and with ever graceful Pauline Black and The Selecter making their way to Liverpool to celebrate the bands 35th anniversary, the pressure is absorbed, danced too, sang with great gusto and with an abandon that you would expect as perhaps arguably the greatest Ska band of the period rolled back the years and showed that class is always permanent.