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Monty Python’ Spamalot, Theatre Review. Empire Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Jamie Tyler, Sarah Earnshaw, Joe Tracini, Will Hawsworth, Richard Kent, Richard Meek, Josh Wilmott, Michael Palin, Daniel Crane, Abigail Climer, Matthew Dale, Holly Eaterbrook, Richard Astbury, Ste Clough, Inez Mackenzie.

It’s no wonder that the chroniclers of Middle and Old English History have very little to go on, save the odd Anglo Saxon lord and a few scattered bones of cows that have been forcibly flown through the air and the legends of dire and almost indestructible rabbits who would tear a man’s head off given half a chance. Nothing of note seems to have happened until King Arthur and his loyal, if utterly bewildered, Knights of the Round Table went in search of the Holy Grail and under strict instructions by Michael Palin, as played by God.

Rocky Horror Show, Theatre Review. Empire Theatre, Liverpool.

Originally published by L.S. Media. October 4th 2010.

Cast: kara Lane, Haley Flaherty, Richard Meek, Christopher Biggins, Stuart Ellis, Ceris Hine, David Bedella, Julian Essex-Spurrier, Adrian Der Gregorian.

What’s the first thing you think of when somebody asks you to name something about the Rocky Horror Show? It could be the audience that throws away any pretence for the night and turn up for one of the best productions of theatre anywhere. It might be the fine costumes, stockings, high heels and feather boas that are in evidence wherever you look. Perhaps it is the musical numbers that make you tap your foot and sets the rest of the body off to join in or it could be the fine performances from a cast that obviously adore treating their audience to a night out that will live long in the memory.