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Jersey Boys, Theatre Review. Empire Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

Cast: Michael Watson, Simon Bailey, James Winter, Karl James Wilson, Stephen O’ Brien, Joel Elferink, Mark Heenehan, Arnold Mabhena, Tara Young, Olive Robinson, Amy Thiroff, Dan O’ Brien, Peter Nash.

Musicians: Francis Goodhand, Tom Theakston, Sarah Burrell, Christian Sutherland, Iestyn Jones, Samuel Firsht.

There are many voices, lauded, passionate, full of life, that we hear every day, their songs enthral us, unite us, remind of what it is too feel, to be part of something bigger that we might believe ourselves to be. What we do forget though is the stories behind those voices, we forget as we listen to our favourite song or sit in the blissful memory of a tune that transports us back in time, that the songs came from somewhere deep and personal, that they are the product of a moment that is forever framed.

Evita, Theatre Review. Liverpool Empire Theatre.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

Cast: Marti Pellow, Madalena Alberto, Mark Heenehan, Sarah McNicholas, Nic Gibney, Verity Burgess, David Burilin, Joseph Connor, Natalie Day, Joel Elferink, Laura Emmitt, Emily Goodenough, Antony Hewitt, Stuart Maciver, Joe Maxwell, Perry O’Dea, Lizzie Ottley, Ryan Pidgen, Anthony Ray.

Evita should be considered as one of the ultimate musicals to be penned in the last 40 years, it is a production that has everything, arguably the single most important role for a woman to perform in musical theatre, the craving of success and just enough controversy weaved and hidden away within its score to make theatre goers come back for more time and time again.