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Seminal British Progressive Rock Giants, Marillion, Announce Spring U.K. Tour.

Band To Perform At The Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.

Photograph by Ian D. Hall.

Prog rock giants Marillion have announced seven new U.K. dates in April 2018 on the back of their October show at The Royal Albert Hall, which sold out within four minutes of going on sale, and The London Palladium in November, which also sold out in record time.

Marillion’s music is more than prog, it’s musically-experimental and yet-emotional. Within the genre it has a uniquely soul-baring aspect which sets the band apart and has elicited an almost religiously zealous following.  After nearly 40 years, the band has evolved into a vibrant and international musical force, flourishing seemingly outside of fashion and mainstream media exposure. Since their formation, they have had 19 Top 30 singles, four of which made the Top 10.

Marillion, Gig Review. A.B.C., Glasgow. (2016).

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * * *

There are places on the planet in which Time and tradition suggests with a firm but pleasing hand that you should be on any given date. Marillion had already perhaps and with wonderful particular mischief, performed in the United States of America during the run up to the 2016 American Presidential election and their new album F.E.A.R. being an almost perfect backdrop to the constant drip feeding of reports and special analysis of what was happening across the water, across the great divide.

Marillion, Gig Review. Danforth Music Hall. Toronto.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * * *

Halloween calls for the imagination to go into overdrive, a night in which revellers can mix with the weird, the wonderful and even Elmer Fudd’s Wassicly Wabbit if the call should be desired hard enough. Halloween is also the night of corporate holiday, the fast buck made, the night where perhaps some live very much in the moment of F.E.A.R.

Marillion, F.E.A.R (Fuck Everyone And Run). Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * * *

Beware the anger of a patient man, don’t let his gentle voice, melodious, gentle and at all times spiritual speech, his wonderment of expression, fool you, don’t be deceived by the nature of the man because when he is angry, when he finally snaps and decides to come out fighting, that is the greatest wrath of them all and you can either batten down the hatches, join him in his fury or Fuck Everybody And Run.

Track By Track.

If only I had kept all my tickets

from every train journey I had ever taken,

I have no doubt they would stretch

from here

to there

and back once more

and would only be exceeded

by the amount of music

I have filled my brain

with, track by track, song by song,

over countless miles

to Plymouth and my great grandfather’s

home by the cliffs in Saltash,

to Newcastle to watch a gig or ten

the hour it took to get to Birmingham

Marillion, Gig Review. O2 Arena, London. Stone Free Festival.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

When all that remains is love, the human heart will feel peace. It is a love that has been kept firmly in the hearts of the tens of thousands of Marillion fans since the first moment they came across the band. When all that remains is love, then the complexity of human emotion can come shining through like the Lighthouse of Alexandria, it is talked of for all time and the beacon searches out both wrecks and salvation alike.

No Cows Were Hurt In The Making Of This Mime.

The Paris sunshine stretched out the morning

as though sheets of puff pastry

had been laid out and baked under a blasting

furnace and the fluffy flakes had found

time to build a type of intimate imitation

that the day

would be memorable.


The hotel was not the type of place

in which to soak up culture

and the talk of visiting  Sacré- Cœur Basilica, success,

and finding the remains of Jim Morrison’s past, failure,

so the local French Arabia café became the pit stop

The Courtyard.

It was a secret,

one of those places you

were not aware of

until you were properly ready

to understand the significance of the change

it would bring

into your life and the preparation

into the adult that would stand bare naked one night

thirty years later

as the world became a more lonely place.


I found myself recalling the piece

that landed me my first part

inside the hallowed halls of the most exciting building

in the whole of Bicester and started to hum it,

Mark Pardy, A Guide To The Unique Style Of Ian Mosley: Marillion’s Heartbeat. Book Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

You can have a not half bad band but with a talented drummer on board you will sound so good that people will flock to see you. The drums, for many a group, are the pulse in which Time passes freely, in which sets out the not just rhythm but the reason and without reason, without the passion of the player who never gets the true spotlight, all may be lost in the cacophony of sound and pleasure.

Marillion, Gig Review. ABC, Glasgow.

Marillion at the ABC, Glasgow. Photograph by Ian D. Hall.

Marillion at the ABC, Glasgow. Photograph by Ian D. Hall.


Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

The point of the journey, as Rush once said, is not to arrive. By completing the journey, all that you have learned about yourself can turn eventually to dust and atoms. It is perhaps a finer, arguably more noble, pursuit to keep travelling, to keep the finishing line hidden from view, to never have the experience of something ending less it eat away at you and allows the dust which holds the joints and creaking crevices together to inch by delicate inch slowly fade away.