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Deacon Blue, Gig Review. Echo Arena, Liverpool. (2013).

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Deacon Blue have performed at the Echo Arena almost as many times as anyone else since the music venue was opened as part of the 2008 Capital of Culture celebrations, quite simply they deserve that honour. Just watching them thrill the many thousands of fans that continually make their way to area of ground in a city that the band patently adore is enough to offer respect to them, they certainly know how to please a set of fans that are as loyal as they come and as hungry to show off their own singing ability as any.

Steve Hogarth, Gig Review. St Bride’s Church, Liverpool. (2013)

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

Whoever the person was that first suggested that Steve Hogarth first come to Liverpool when doing his H. Natural sets must surely have known something about how he would be received by fans of Marillion. Whether at the iconic Cavern, or as has become in recent years a sort of natural second home to him at St. Bride’s Church, the fans pack out the venue, they sit in almost breath taking awe, they good naturedly heckle when the time is right and yet all the time the beautiful voice punctures the often still air and visibly moves the audience in such a way that is barely repeated elsewhere in the world of rock.