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Those Two Weeks, Theatre Review. Unity Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * * *

Cast: Jackie Jones, Mike Sanders, Katie King, James Ledsham, Sam Walton, Daniel Cassidy, Lisa McMahon.

Life and Time hang always in the balance, a single moment can hang forever in the air; it can be as inconsequential as a gnat’s heartbeat to an Elephant’s ear, it can be as earth-shattering and historic as a single gunshot in Dallas. Each moment we live through has the potential to be remembered for ever. It is though the build up to that instant where time and life clash for a brief while, where they converge and separate leaving the devastation in its wake; it is in the ability to look at what happened before that makes us attempt to make sense of the moment later on, when the next dawn has risen.

Take In Those Two Weeks With Ian Salmon’s New Play At The Unity Theatre.

It’s the 1st of April 1989. By midnight on the 14th, the Miller family’s lives will have changed.

Those Two Weeks isn’t a play about Hillsborough. It’s a play about before. It’s a play about what life was like when it was normal and it’s a play about how difficult normal can be.

Joe’s looking at University and moving in with the girlfriend he thinks his family don’t know about, Peter has an ambition that seems at odds with his current lifestyle and Jacqui’s pregnant to the boyfriend she’s just dumped. Dave and Terri have no idea what’s happening in their family and finding out will see old issues resurface in their marriage.

Ball Of Fire, Theatre Review. Epstein Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Michael Hawkins, Ronny Goodlass, Michael Cullen, John Purcell, Sally Tryer, Adam Byrne, Katie King, James Ledsham, Danny Noble, Lisa Symonds.

At best Alan Ball was a world beater, a man to whom Pele described at the finest player in an England shirt, arguably the best player on the pitch on the day the country won the World Cup in July 1966, tenacious, a spirited player to whom Alf Ramsey made a hero of and to whom Don Revie discarded cruelly and without pomp and ceremony, at worst…well there was no worst, just dogged by ill fortune and personal disasters that would go hand in hand with the Lancashire’s lad’s demeanour and psyche for his entire life.

The Catacombs Of Liverpool’s Darkest History -The Gangs Of Victorian Liverpool. St George’s Hall.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating: * * * *

Cast: Michael Hawkins, Nathan Tunstall, Lawrence Larkin, Stephen Turner, Warren Kettle, Niall Ross Hogan, Lois Crawford, Samantha Walton, Katie King, Jimmy McLean, Michael Swift, Jordan Burke, Kathryn Rigby.

St. George’s Hall opened its doors to the public in 1854. Within its Victorian walls it boasts the splendid Great Hall with its vaulted ceiling and Minted floor and the Small Concert Room still used for concerts today. Perhaps the most unusual feature amongst all this grandeur is the Crown and Civil Court which were still working courts until the 1980s and it is where local company Lovehistory focuses their current show.

One Dream: The Beryl Marsden Story, Theatre Review. Epstein Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8/10

Cast: Francesca Davies, Gillian Hardie, Hayley Davies, Nick Sheedy, James Ledsham, Katie King, Danny Woods, Sophie Tickle, Mike Howl, Rob Boyle.

The Cavern in Liverpool is a place of dreams. Even today, long since its golden age and the days in which the Beatles gave all who made their way to the venue a glimpse of the future. It has the power to bestow a certain magic on the thought of artists performing there and the memories of long since departed audiences, the thought of music history forever encased into the walls is one in which visitors clamber over themselves to see.