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Mother Goose, Theatre Review. The Casa, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Bob Towers, Edmund O’ Hare, Teneye Alvarado, Maggi Green, Charlotte Thomas, George Melling, P.J. Murray, Yahya Baggash, Peter Durr.


The song is right, it is the most magical time of the year, one in which we come together to hopefully remember what true message is, one not to be sucked into a world of commercialism, one not to be in the grip of debt, not one to be feel the need to be greedy or over burdened by the selfishness of others. Just one that allows the heart to find forgiveness to others and to yourself, one that in which children and adults alike can find the delight in time together and one which even in the depths of a snow filled scene can lead to a love that might not thought possible.

Franca, Theatre Review. Lantern Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Roberta Laguardia.

The life and work of Italian artist, feminist and political activist Franca Rame might not be that well known but in a collaborative effort between Italian actress Roberta Laguardia and the Lantern Theatre, two pieces of work her work were performed and all with the blessing of Franca Rame’s long-time collaborator and heir to her estate, Dario Fo to a Liverpool audience.

The evening started with an informed and informative introduction to the life and work of Franca Rame by Liverpool-based performer and academic Brian Desmond before settling down to the first of the two pieces of work on offer, The Rape.

Medea, Theatre Review. St. Luke’s Church, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Mairi-Claire Kennedy, Nathon Bibby, Faye Caddick, Rebecca Howard, Maria Hutchinson, Vicky Lodge, Natalie J. Romero, Mikyla Jane Durkan, Samantha Walton, Gillian Paterson-Fox, Alan Bowyer, Callum Wright, Gary Watson, Iffan Wyn James, Yahya Baggash.

It is a story that still resonates, still has the power to send tremor like Earthquakes through any who see it and simply turns established thought upside down and inverts the power of femininity and the female form. Euripides’ Medea is a tale so huge that in modern day thought, it still provokes the question that surely a woman cannot take the life of a child, especially her own child and yet as the news shows, Medea is not alone in the most brutal of acts.

Burjesta Theatre To Bring Shocking Classical Greek Play Medea To The Liverpool Stage.

Liverpool theatre group Burjesta Theatre tackle arguably one of the most shocking plays of all time this March and April in Euripides Classical Greek Tragedy Medea.

Written in 431BC, Medea is a truly subversive play which has shocked and divided audiences for the last 2,500 years and now Burjesta Theatre bring the tale of Jason, of the Argonauts fame, and his abandonment of his lover in favour of the King’s daughter and the terrible repercussions that follow.

Burjesta Theatre invites audiences to watch as Medea schemes and plots the most terrible of revenge.

All Quiet On The Western, Theatre Review. The Casa, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Peter Durr, Alan Gillespie, Alun Parry, Adam Byrne, Ifan James, Syephen J Higgins, Alan Bower, Eleanor Parry, Giulia Rampone, Gillian Paterson-Fox, Helen Shrimpton.

In the year that marks the 100th Anniversary of the most futile, military posturing and insane of all wars commencing, it is always worth remembering that the conflict was not fought on the grounds of justness like its successor but by people who led their countries down a path in which millions of men, women and children were killed and slaughtered. A path in which bore fruit shamed in blackness and would propagate seeds so vile that the working class of all countries who participated in, would suffer the most terrible hardships and loss.

Burjesta Theatre Presents Reign Of Vampires At The Casa On Hope Street.

In the 19th century Karl Marx used the vampire as a metaphor for the capitalist class he saw around him. Burjesta Theatre have taken that idea and applied it to the times we live in today and thrown in a little bit of Blade, a sprinkling of Jason Bourne and a great soundtrack of music to get your feet tapping and your hips swaying as Burjesta Theatre present Reign of Vampires at the Casa on Hope Street on Saturday 10th, Monday 12th, Wednesday 14th, Friday 16th and Saturday 17th May.

‘There’s screams in the mountains…
There’s screams from the dance hall…
Tho’ in the cemetery all has gone quiet…’

Liverpool Sound And Vision: An Interview With Burjesta Theatre’s Julian Bond And Mikyla Jane Durkan.

Being invited behind the curtain by the directors to watch a full dress rehearsal must be a dream come true for anybody who has an enjoyment of the theatre. To watch from a corner of the room as the actors take in the words they have learned, to witness how comfortable they become as they are taken through their paces and their places, to see the wonder of theatre unfold before your eyes from almost the very start of the process is exhilarating and without doubt an honour.

Burjesta Theatre Announce Weekly Workshops At The Casa Bar.

Burjesta Theatre, the team behind the excellent The Pied Piper of Liverpool, are starting up weekly workshops as from Wednesday 20th February and then every Wednesday thereafter. They take place at The Casa Bar, Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9BQ, starting time 7pm and cost £2 in. The first one next week will be a ‘taster session’, co-run by Mikyla Durkan and Julian Bond, co-founders of Burjesta.

Over the following months they will be delving into ‘the art of storytelling’, ‘clowning’, ‘commedia dell’ arte’, ‘Greek chorus work’ and much, much, more. The workshops themselves will feed directly into planned productions, one for end of June, one for beginning of September, with only people attending workshops being considered for roles within these productions.

The Pied Piper Of Liverpool, Theatre Review. The Casa, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Alan Bower, Alun Parry, Geraldine Moloney-Judge, Mike Leane, Kate Mulvihill, Richard MacDonald, Mikyla Durkan, Sarah Tryer, Adam Byrne, Laura Foulkes.

The Casa might not be the first place that audiences think of plays as being performed in the Hope Street area of the city. However away from the Unity Theatre down the road and the looming cultural giant that is the new look Everyman Theatre, The Casa offers the chance for local productions to shine with actors who may be making their first tempting steps into the profession.  This was no less the case in the entertaining and thought provoking Julian Bond and Burjesta Theatre’s play, The Pied Piper Of Liverpool.