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I wish I had his talent,

not a phrase denoting green eyed fury

or jealous wrath

but just an adoration for the detail in elegant brush

strokes, thin line drawn

pencil men

which are more human than I.

An allusion perhaps dear Cyrano

to the master of clogs and dogs,

of factory gates at closing time

and scuffed hats thrown in the air

at the dead of dawn;

yet Cyrano, I might love Lowry,

how could you not after all,

but I am entranced by your work,

Cyrano, Theatre Review. Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

Cast: Christian Edwards, Sharon Singh, Adam Barlow, Andrew Whitehead, Andy Cryer, Paul Barnhill, Angela Bain, Jessica Dyas, Francesca Mills, Anthony Hunt, Robert Wade, Perry Moore, Michael Hugo.

It is always a match made in heaven, a sense of theatrical gold in which Liverpool audiences always receive so much in terms of gratification, of charm and a story in which you leave the building knowing you have seen theatre at its most complete, personable and down to Earth; no matter the subject, Northern Broadsides and Liverpool theatres are blessed with each other’s company and it is one in which people instinctively know is going to make their week.