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Cartoonopolis, Theatre Review. Unity Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * * *

Cast: Lewis Bray.

To compare the same play by the same performer two years apart is to open yourself up to folly and yet as audience member rose in appreciation at the end of Lewis Bray’s magical return of his play Cartoonopolis, as they revelled as one in the life of boy to whom cartoons are a special friend, there can be no doubt that this is one of the most exceptional plays crowds are likely to see this year.

The Zoo Story, Theatre Review. The Casa, Liverpool. Liverpool Fringe Festival.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

Cast: Stephen O’Toole, David Crosby.

It may because of its bright lights, the allusion to a sense of greatness that comes with size and popularity with visitors but to feel totally at ease with yourself in New York City can feel emotionally blissful; to sit and listen to the tales of group of a million random voices, all unique, all frightening, dazzlingly inspired voices complaining, laughing, being scared of the dark in a city to whom illumination is a watch word of enlightenment, it can only be satisfying if you are on the edge taking in the wonder of the finest circus, the greatest zoo ever conceived.

A Message From Pittsburgh.

A message from Pittsburgh

opened tentatively, a friend’s

smiling name searching across Time

and the glittering remains

of the Atlantic Ocean,

one crossed between us

and the bridge of comradeship

forged in a pub by the Avon

so long ago.

A picture of my boys, cheerful

and fledgling optimism bursting

from beyond their early bird uniforms

the headline of his electronic note

and yet underneath it all

I realised that Time has been a beast,

for my eldest boy is now a year older

A Woman Alone, Theatre Review. The Casa, Liverpool. Liverpool Fringe Festival.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

Cast: Mikyla Jane Durkan.

Imprisonment it seems is not only for the guilty, for those whose crimes against society are numerous and devastating, but in the eyes of some men there are those who should be imprisoned against their will for their own safety.

Society demands imprisonment for those who steal, murder, maim, spread hate and yet society never seems to lift a finger of warning to those who seek to deny women the opportunity to leave the house, to expect them to stay in, who lock the doors and keep them kept but also keep them from those they love and the pastimes they enjoy; it is not so much imprisonment as it is the start of the unravelling of the mind and the cruelty that comes with it.

Rise And Shine, Theatre Review. The Casa, Liverpool. Liverpool Fringe Festival.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Maggi Green.

Controlled by the clock, everything to be done by a certain time or else the feelings of guilt and imperfection come steamrolling through, the sense of not having achieved even the most simplest of tasks during the time the clock wakes you and allows you the brief respite of dreams; this is the greatest form of punishment that humanity has bestowed upon itself, the complexity of time reduced down to moments in which life is either behind or ahead of self doubt and the insecurity of being seen as feckless and inadequate.

Municipal Waste, Slime And Punishment. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

Artistic freedom is essential in all walks of life, not only for the artist who has the vision of something different in mind when told they must plough a field, but the everyday person, the ones who also see the extraordinary in even the most mundane of tasks or the bitter resentment of working for a conglomerate that doesn’t care. Freedom is fundamental, freedom is a right that should not be seen as one that can be bargained for or relinquished in exchange for control by fiscal bribery; for in doing so you open yourself up to the realms of Slime and Punishment.

Ripper Street, Closed Casket. Television Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

Cast: Matthew Macfadyen, Adam Rothenberg, MyAnna Buring, Killian Scott, Matthew Lewis, Benjamin O’Mahony, Jonas Armstrong, Joseph Mawle, Mimmi Morton, Anna Burnett, Kahl Murphy, Kye Murphy, Ian Pirie.

There is always the feeling of definitive and upturned world when it is the detective who finds themselves on the run, the officer who has upheld the law in the best way possible for the town and times he lives in, suddenly thrust into the world of dark, of the ignoble and the fear of being hunted. All those times they have chased down a criminal and won, now in the heat of moral decay, counting for nothing as other officers with grudges and jealousy of success running hot through their veins, close in on their quarry.

Drifting, Slowly Sinking.


Deluded misconceptions of what happiness can be.

This guiding light just blinds me, keeps me lost at sea.

We headed for the coastline hoped to reach the shore.

But gained no distance through resistance but my

persistence keeps me warm.


‘Its not what your lookin for,

that makes it difficult to find.

It’s not what your lookin for.

That keeps it on your mind.


Drifting with the current, heading who knows where

Incapable of anything, that shows how much we care.

I Sometimes Have To Remember.

I sometimes have to remember

all that I have seen

and felt,

touched, experienced

and lost,

for sometimes it feels like a dream,

one that my imagination

has stirred and fired off without warning;

I sometimes have to remember

the hands I have shook,

for in the skin I have

I collect their memories also

and in the end their thoughts bleed

into mine,

an honour to have been part of it all,

but I have forgotten

most of all that ever


Willy Russell’s Smash Hit Musical Visits Storyhouse As Part Of 30th Anniversary Tour.

Lyn Paul Reprises Her Role As “The Definitive Mrs Johnstone.”

2017 has marked 30 years since Bill Kenwright’s production of the international smash hit musical Blood Brothers first toured the U.K. In celebration, this iconic musical has been visiting theatres across the country, performing to sell-out houses and receiving standing ovations. Due to its continued success, the tour is continuing into the Autumn season, which includes Chester’s brand new £37m theatre, cinema and library, Storyhouse from Monday 9th – Saturday 14th October for one week only.