Sam Lyon, Gig Review. Paradise Street Stage, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Sam Lyon in Liverpool. April 2017. Photograph by Ian D. Hall.

There is always time to stop and look into the eyes of another soul, to understand if possible even just a fraction of their whole being, for in that the songbird makes the day seem beautiful and the humanity shown is enough to make the recipient sing with even more pleasure than ever.

To see a crowd of people going about their business, their aim of the day, even in a busy shopping centre, and witness even a pair of eyes lock onto the scene of musician playing on a pop up stage is to revel in the glory that a life may have been changed and it was with such pleasure that a moment would occur during Sam Lyon’s set on the Paradise Street stage and one that made this particular Chester songbird so endearing.

Whilst the cold wind blew down the centre of Liverpool One’s shopping centre, a warm glow of a fresh face in the Liverpool music extended family made her appearance and the opening track of her set, the very beautiful track by Fleetwood Mac, Songbird, resonated the thoughts of those who took time out of their day, to feel the sunshine on their face and to listen to Sam Lyon.

Sam Lyon is a name to remember, she might not be from the fair city of Liverpool but she has the attitude towards her music that the city will always devour, that will always admire and take hold of as one of their adopted daughters. The open space of Paradise Street may have been daunting, the imposing nature of the persistent realm of consumerism an ever present thought as bags being held by the rush of shoppers ran amuck, yet despite that, that one person looking on, stopping and smiling at the thought of something unexpected happening on the day; that is the point of music, it is there to comfort the oppressed, even when it does with a purse in hand.

With the songs Window, Sonic Boom and Constellations joining the set, Sam Lyon proved herself as a musician to watch out for, a compelling addition to the day and one that with hope, will come back to Liverpool soon and perform in a more intimate setting.

Ian D. Hall