Bec Hill Caught On Tape, Comedy Review. Unity Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound And Vision Rating: * * * *

Cast: Bec Hill

It will be the last time that the Liverpool Comedy Festival will be housed in the Unity Theatre before it begins its major refurbishment at the beginning of next year, and leading us into the festival is acclaimed Australian comedian Bec Hill. After making the finals of the Raw act competition in her native country and wining the Barry Award for best show in Edinburgh 2014, this comedian has gathered quite a following with her quirky style of comedy.

The theme for Hill’s show is regret, and inspiration to write it came from Twitter by simply tweeting her question – what was the biggest regret anybody had? With over 250 replies, Hill certainly had enough to fill her hour-long set. The most common thing, she tells us, that people have regrets about are not spending enough time with loved ones, or sending that text to someone you shouldn’t when very, very drunk.

Hill has a very easy manner, she is bubbly and energetic but as quickly as she works the audience up, she quickly changes pace and the mood turns ever so slightly towards the crowd. As much as the material has come from her own experiences and others that she has spoken to, there is a certain focus on the audience, a reflection into any regrets that they might have. A little awkward at times perhaps, but happily she does not let the audience down for long and ends her set as she begins it – with a hilarious flip chart story board. With the soundtrack of Edith Piaf Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien, Hill’s flip chart is made up of the words that she thinks are being sung leading to much laughter from the audience.

It is easy to see why Ms. Hill has done well on the circuit, her quirky personality puts people at ease straight away and she wins the audience over very quickly. The theme of regrets that she has chosen to base her set around is certainly one that will keep this show interesting.

Janie Phillips