Norman Kelsey, Gig Review. The Cavern Club, Liverpool. International Pop Overthrow.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

As Norman Kelsey stands on the stage at The Cavern Club and takes in the audience’s reaction, it would be easy to forgive him if for the briefest of moments the broad smile he has had on his face all evening suddenly became as wide as the  River Mersey. For Norman Kelsey, the man who made his way from the West Coast of America to perform in this year’s International Pop Overthrow, to say his set was stunning would be a huge understatement.

For Norman Kelsey the impossible is not in his vocabulary, it is a phrase that just needs to be overcome and met with a huge smile, a personality that can make audiences swoon in his presence and a selection of songs from his latest album, the superb On The Rebound, all of that even before he has opened his mouth to sing and his fingers have pulled back on one string.  For Norman Kelsey is perhaps the most coolest and suave man The Cavern is likely to have in its building during the whole festival. It is quite amusing to watch the audience take in the near majesty the musician exudes; it is also disheartening to know that no matter what you could never be as happy in your work as Mr. Kelsey.

With Adam Marsland, who had already performed a cracking set earlier in the day, by his side on keyboards and guitar, Norman showed exactly why he is so incredibly highly rated. His smooth voice is reminiscent of the great Marvin Gaye, his style as professional as you can ever likely find and all of this wrapped in a talent that knows no bounds. The only downside to all of this of course is that the time on stage for him is limited and for the audience who have taken him and his music to their hearts the ending comes far too quick.

However, the music he makes more than makes up for it and for those there to witness to this fine session, including tracks such as Huckleberry Finn, Your Majestic Rejection, the amazing Supermodels With Gatling Guns and So Sophisticated, will not forget this magical set.

One of the most outstanding talents of his genre, Norman Kelsey is a man with a very big future infront of him.

Ian D. Hall