Wild Fruit Art Collective, Fabric/Rats And The Brass. Singles Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

You live for the new as much as you find yourself clinging to the old and much loved, your life is not the preserve of everything you have listened to in your life but also it is a well freshly dug out well, one with an endless seam of possibilities in which to drink from, one that might lead down a different path, a stream of purer thought; or at the very least one that will nourish and sustain you in its raw and tempest like power.

The Girl With The Strawberry Hair, Stay In The Light. Single Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Sarah Beatrice radiates soul, vitality and musical honesty whether you are fortunate to meet her in the street or the venues, or if you have the providence of listening to her voice as she performs delicate but punchy songs that have width and scope wrapped around them like a much loved tale of romance and intrigue. As The Girl with the Strawberry Hair, Sarah Beatrice brings love to her songs, that rascal of the moment to which we all might be lucky to have at some point and one that comes across with beautiful melancholic ease in her new song Stay In The Light.

Ed Harcourt, Furnaces. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

Surely at no point has Ed Harcourt had any valid criticism thrown his way, there is just so much to admire in the man’s music and thoughtfulness of the world we exist in that anyone finding a way to snipe or sneer is arguably only coming from the position of the a high ground that doesn’t matter.

The music has always been beautiful, rage filled, inclusive and honest, it is the sound of modest triumph and the keen eye of the observer patiently watching society, scrutinising each individual and bringing their tale to the table; whether in anger, solace or respect, Ed Harcourt has never let his fan base down and that discerning touch is all over his latest album, Furnaces.

Andrew Finn Magill, Roots. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Life can be extraordinary for some, but that is only because of the sheer hard work they have put into making it so. For as Andrew Finn Magill brings his growing audience a further taste of the music that he has become entrenched within and it is one that is patient, lively and full captivation, one that knows the spirit it offers and that of the musician’s Roots, one that spreads out as each note is forged in the steam of a fiddle on fire.

Tea In Llandudno.

We stopped for a while

to drink a cup of tea

near the railings

and the far off sea

that surrounded the fort

of Llandudno, holding it ransom,

holding back an acre of time

for us to talk of the decades

that separated us but the love

that had bound us forever.

It perhaps was not the most beautiful spot,

the most exciting

or indeed the one that cradled

our relationship

as grandmother and grandson,

the cliffs overlooking Petit Bot Bay

now long gone and clouded

John Jenkins, Rodeo Girl. Single Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

Into every life the chance to use every muscle at your disposal and take on a wild animal must be taken. Sometimes you really have to ride the biggest horse you can and make it sweat, whether it is an unwanted and unwarranted situation, the pressure of living up to someone’s high expectations or simply having the utmost courage to take on a disease or school yard bully; sometimes you really do have to ride that horse to look back with pride and honour.

The Dream Team Search For The Sandman, Theatre Review. Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Aaliyah Garrett, Abigail Whiteside, Adam Gannon, Amber Williams, Anna Tremarco, Ashley Kaufman, Charlie Healy, Clara Mbirimi, Elle McEvely, Ellie Hale, Ellie Muscat, Grace Hillier, Harry Hughes, Holly Haines, Isabelle Simpson, Jake Warner, James Douglas, Jennifer Lowe, Joe Fay, John Readle, Jude Stephenson, Katie Kaufman, Kayleigh Lindon, Leah Whiteside, Lewis Jones-Davies, Lillie Jo Irons, Matty McCartney, Michael Ellison, Mikey Hall, Molly Madigan, Morgan Hughes, Natasha Riley, Niamh Fay, Olivia Gore, Passy Douglas, Poppy Cowell, Ryan Broadhead, Shannon Smart, Susan Segar, Tom Douglas.

Not Quite Midnight.

Not quite Midnight,

it never seems to come

as the days merge, fuse together

and seamlessly reside

in the thunderstorm that overpowers

the field in which I am the

Lightning Rod, scorched,

burned and aflame,

on fire.

The shadows caused by rippling

lightning and the sparks of energy

draining in the seconds and minutes

before midnight, never get eaten away,

they are drowned instead like the myriad

of small organisms clinging

to the only tree in the field,

wind tossed, asleep, dead…

Allan Yn Y Fan, NEWiD. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Change is in the air, it is how we deal with it that separates us from the rest of humanity. Not always a good thing, change happens regardless, it is the slow tune played out by time to keep us on our toes, it is the steady march which beats out against the rust and decay and whilst it might not be considered a good thing, it is inevitable.

K. Flay, Blood In The Cut. Single Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

There is honour to be found in the raw, the angry and furious. It is the honour of producing truth, a sense of freedom that you want to immerse yourself in and take stock from every now and then as you remember with clarity how you wanted to change the world, how you wanted to be the person that was the catalyst of the revolution.