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Under A Banner, Close To The Clouds. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

The rumblings of disaffection, of disillusion at the deluded so called Democratic process that runs deeper and with more insidious bite to it than any time in modern history may not come to bite a particular class of the so called ruling elite in time to save the rest of us from allowed tyranny but at least it is being heard outside of the Westminster Empire, even if those inside are seemingly immune to the rising tide anger that is crawling up the Thames in what can only be considered as the next big stink.

Under A Banner, Gig Review. The Flapper, Birmingham.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Serendipity has a much underrated effect on the human psyche. There are just those friends of yours that only ever want to see the main band, the one they have shelled out their hard earned money for, and for the rest of the evening they are quite happy to sit in the bar, holding a sort of court and quietly and perhaps intentionally chatting about the beer on offer behind the bar, then there are those that find by chance a group or a couple of bands that peak their interest and makes the overall evening one in which to remember. Call it what you will, chance, the fickle finger of fate or fortunate providence or just an understanding that support artists can be just as enjoyable as the main act.