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The Punter, Theatre Review. Unity Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Graham Geoffrey Hicks, Denise Kennedy.

It is one of the greatest of institutions and something that arguably the rest of the world wished it had, it has suffered terribly by lack of faith, investment and the vultures of capitalism who decry its very existence as socialist and meaningless unless it makes someone a pile of money, it’s aim is to teach, to aid the afflicted and ease the pressure on modern life; theatre is like the N.H.S. that other great British invention, it works so well because those who use it, care.

The Art Of Falling Apart, Theatre Review. Unity Theatre, Liverpool. (2015).

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * * *

Cast: Tim Lynskey,  Matt Rutter.

All good things must end, all exceptional pieces of writing and performing will live on beyond the final bow, the truth of the honest standing ovation and the lament that must come to us all; for in Robert Farquhar’s, Tim Lynskey’s and Matt Rutter’s outstanding The Art Of Falling Apart, the necessity of human experience, the sheer demand of Time and the complexity of the relationship between humanity and existence is there in all its brutally humorous and mischievous form.

Witness The Art Of Falling Apart One Last Time As Big Wow Return To The Unity Theatre.

One of the brightest and most original trios of Liverpool theatre return to the Unity stage between Thursday 25th and Saturday 27th June with the tremendous The Art of Falling Apart and for the final ever time Big Wow, Matt Rutter, Tim Lynskey and writer and agent mirth maker Robert Farquhar, will see the life of Callum descend into chaos against a backdrop of a city on the edge of dynamic confusion and sheer madness.

The Art Of Falling Apart, Theatre Review. Unity Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * * *

Cast: Tim Lynskey, Matt Rutter.

Monty Python may have sold its last dead parrot, served its last piece of Spam and finally insisted that he is not the Messiah, he is just a naughty boy but that’s not to say what has been bequeathed down the years has been forgotten, especially by the three men that make up Big Wow and arguably one of the finest pieces of comedy theatre that you ever likely to lay your eyes upon in  The Art of Falling Apart.

Liverpool Sound And Vision: Interview Special, An Interview With Robert Farquhar.

There is nothing quite like finding yourself in the company of a writer whose use of the English language is enough to cause palpitations of the pen, whose pre-interview conversations are as interesting as they are educational. This writer has over the course of the years since he has resided in Liverpool has created some of the most insanely wonderful comedies that audiences have had the honour of seeing and with whom have fallen in love with the Big Wow company over and over again.

Big Wow Return To The Unity Theatre With Extra, Extra Happy.

A hapless idiot with a wildly out of date Lonely Planet goes travelling and looking for an ‘experience’.

From Wednesday 12th till Saturday 15th February Big Wow will return to the Unity Theatre with their first ever show, Extra, Extra Happy, to raise funds to support their 2014 Edinburgh Fringe show – The Art Of Falling Apart which premiered at the Unity Theatre in 2012!

20 Stories High Theatre Company Announce Two July Shows.

Award-winning 20 Stories High Theatre Company, based in Toxteth, is proving that talent is alive and well amongst the young people of Merseyside as they announce not one, but two young people’s shows this summer. In a bold move away from directing their own Youth Theatre Programme, Co-Artistic Directors Julia Samuels and Keith Saha have passed the reins over to two exciting and very different theatre practitioners from Liverpool.

Samuels says, “Over the past year, our Participation Programme has grown considerably and we wanted to bring new, local artists on board to find fresh and creative experiences for our participants. They have collaborated together to develop exciting new skills and techniques.”

Liverpool Sound And Vision: The Sunday Postscript, An Interview With Big Wow!

One of the huge delights of the Liverpool theatre calendar is the appearance of the Big Wow team at the Unity Theatre. Their physical comedy performances delight and astound audiences no matter what show they have put on and are firm favourites in Liverpool.

Big Wow consist of three incredible talents that are made up of performers Tim Lynskey and Matt Rutter and the writer Robert Farquhar. Sitting in the Unity theatre before one of their shows and talking to a team that not only thrill audiences but can make them question the world through the use of physical comedy is slightly nerve racking and completely inspiring.

The Art Of Falling Apart, Theatre Review. Unity Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * * *

Cast: Tim Lynskey, Matt Rutter.

There can be no doubt that Tim Lynskey, Matt Rutter and Robert Farquhar make a formidable and astonishing team. The exhaustive and physical brilliance that Mr. Lynskey and Mr. Rutter bring to the Unity Theatre is matched stride for stride in the writing by Robert Farquhar and in The Art of Falling Apart there is very little time for the audience to get blasé as they are bombarded with a section of a man’s life that is unraveling and unwinding before everyone’s eyes.

The Friendship Experiment, Theatre Review. Unity Theatre, Liverpool.

Originally published by L.S. Media. January 15th 2011.

Cast:  Matt Rutter, Tim Lynskey.

It takes two brave men to create the genuinely superb insanity that is portrayed on stage in the form of The Friendship Experiment. From the moment Matt Rutter and Tim Lynskey bound on stage, the audience is in for over an hour of mayhem which will lead them down several rabbit holes and coming out the other side asking “what the hell just happened”.