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The Sum, Theatre Review. Everyman Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Patrick Brennan, George Caple, Pauline Daniels, Laura Dos Santos, Emily Hughes, Tom Kanji, Asha Kingsley, Melanie La Barrie, Dean Nolan, Zelina Rebeiro, Keddy Sutton, Liam Tobin.

The balance sheet that people live their lives by, the counting out of every penny just to make ends meet, the sense of never getting ahead of the game and spiralling ever deeper into the world of debt, of being on the streets. This is a world in which the feeling of inhumane, of intolerable suffering, is so prevalent, so close to everybody’s thoughts that it is surprising that there is less vocal anger than there should be at politicians who see food banks as a complex reason, who see the poor as deserving and it always feels like the world of politics is one step away from re-introducing that most evil of Victorian values, the workhouse.

Third Rep Company Production Turns The Focus On Liverpool And Issues Facing Modern Families In The Première Of Lizzie Nunnery’s The Sum.

New writing is in the spotlight with the Everyman Company’s third production of the season. The Liverpool playwright Lizzie Nunnery’s latest play reflects the aspirations and concerns of families in the city. A powerful play with songs, The Sum is about finding the magic formula to the problems of life. The production runs at the Everyman from Saturday 5th to Saturday 20th May.

The Sum is set in Toxteth where a young mother, Eve, is struggling to make ends meet, constantly juggling the sums in her head that will keep her family fed and sheltered. Things take a turn for the worse when her husband Danny has a car accident and her own zero-hours contract goes on life support.