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Tankard, Hymns For The Drunk. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

You can never keep heroes down, they don’t require a cape, they have no need for x-ray vision, for the energy of the gods or the sense of righteous indignation when the world is about to attacked by an alien. Unless of course that particular extra terrestrial being is skimming off the head of the beer ordered and taunts the drinker with the empty glass and throwing down the gauntlet of proving that the finest cult Metal band of them all has stamina to sing Hymns For The Drunk.

Tankard, One Foot In The Grave. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision RatingĀ  8.5/10

When you have One Foot In The Grave, that is when people should fear you most, in artistic terms, it is to raise a glass, the unfettered Tankard, to life and show that no matter what some might say about you, in the end the only opinion that matters is your own. If you can stare down the detractors and make a section of society happy to be in your company, then that is success, that is when all the fighting and taking on all comers was worth it.