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Midsomer Murders: The Incident At Cooper Hill. Television Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Neil Dudgeon, Gwilym Lee, Fiona Dolman, Manjinder Virk, Sian Webber, Steve Toussaint, Tanya Fear, Michelle Collins, Steve Oram, Alison Steadman, Pip Torrens, Sheena Bhattessa, Alister Austin, Lee Armstrong, Steve Evets, Jennie Dale, Belinda McGinley.

There is more in the Universe than can ever be contemplated in the philosophy of a Detective Inspector in rural England, however the only thing alien about the county of Midsomer is that the murderer always believes that the bigger the elaborate death, the chances of them getting away with it; for that Inspector John Barnaby has both feet firmly planted in the real and on planet Earth.

Lewis: What Lies Tangled. Television Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

Cast: Kevin Whatley, Laurence Fox, Angela Griffin, Clare Holman, David Warner, Oliver Lansley, Zoë Tapper, Peter De Jersey, Mali Harries, Tristam Saunders, Ian Puleston-Davies, Emerald O’ Hanrahan, Steve Toussaint, Lynda Rooke, Tosin Cole.

The streets of Oxford will be poorer for the fact that Lewis, one of the true greats of British Crime Drama, has been allowed to finish before its time. Robbie Lewis, a man taught by the best that the dreaming spires of Oxford could wish to have investigating its murders and foul deeds, a man to whom honour was all and a man who came back after riding into the sunset, this was a man with a past so knotted in the streets of Oxford that to lose him, the audiences might find themselves bereft and asking What Lies Tangled?

Lewis: Magnum Opus. Television Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 7.5/10

Cast: Kevin Whately, Laurence Fox, Angela Griffin, Clare Holman, Honeysuckle Weeks, Jaygann Ayeh, Stephen Boxer, Serena Evans, Daniel Flynn, Paul Greenwood, Kaisa Hammarlund, Wil Johnson, Syreeta Kumar, Isabella Laughland, Bobby Lockwood, Richard Rowe-McGhie, Sally Scott, Steve Toussaint, Martin Wenner.

To forgive is divine…or so it is believed, but to truly love yourself, to not be crushed everyday by the stirrings of self hatred for any act of stupidity that may be caused by a moment of madness or reckless abandon, sometimes for peace of mind you have to let it go.

Lewis: One For Sorrow. Television Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Kevin Whately, Laurence Fox, Angela Griffin, Tim Piggott-Smith, Clare Holman, Ralf Little, Nicholas Jones, Steve Pemberton, Emma Cunliffe, Helen Schlesinger, Shanaya Rafaat, Andreea Paduraru, Naomi Scott, Finn Cole, Steve Toussaint, Paul Bigley, Doreen Mantle.


Just when viewers have got used to the thought that there might never be another reason to long for the quiet of Oxfordshire, to revel in the mystery of the Isis and the quaintness of Middle-class murder, I.T.V. reel back Detective Inspector Lewis, D.I. Hathaway and Detective Sergeant Maddox for another round of homicides in the leafy university city.