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Rita, Sue and Bob Too, Theatre Review. Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: James Atherton, Taj Atwal, Sally Bankes, Gemma Dobson, Samantha Robinson, David Walker.

Jealousy can tear friendships apart, it is a aspect of life that is seen through every social class, every feature of society in all its rich forms and its often desperate situation, jealousy rips at the very seams of the fabric that binds and nobody outside of Shakespeare arguably understood that more when writing about two young girls from Bradford and the power of sex than Andrea Dunbar.

Rita, Sue And Bob Too Visit The Playhouse This October.


A production of the classic 80s play Rita, Sue and Bob Too visits the Liverpool Playhouse this summer as director Max Stafford-Clark brings a story of love, lust and infidelity to Merseyside this October.

Written by Andrea Dunbar, the plot follows the love affair between Rita, Sue and married man Bob. After babysitting his kids Bob offers to give best friends Rita and Sue a lift home, but when he takes the scenic route and offers the two girls ‘a bit of fun’, the trio become involved in a love affair they all believe they control.

Rita, Sue And Bob Too! Return To St. Helens’ Theatre Royal This November.

Regal Entertainments Ltd proudly announce that West End star Darren Day will play Bob in the 80s cult classic Rita, Sue & Bob Too! which returns to the stage this autumn .

Back by popular demand, this hilarious comedy play by Andrea Dunbar is based on the 1987 British film. The show, which runs from Tuesday, 22nd November to Saturday, 26th November, features a brilliantly funny script, an impressive all-star cast and is bursting with all the best 80s music, taking you on a hilarious trip down memory lane.

Rita, Sue And Bob Too!, Theatre Review. Theatre Royal, St. Helens.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Lee Latchford-Evans, Crissy Rock, Micky Finn, Ann Marie Davies, Emily Fleeshman, Olivia Sloyan, Derren Ankers.

Rita, Sue and Bob Too! is a play which asks so much of an audience that it might miss the very mark it is actually aiming for if not delivered with great care and attention and moulded gently by a Director who sees past the big picture and who can really push the unseen and near obscure to the very front.

Steps’ Lee Latchford Evans In Return Of Cult Classic Rita, Sue And Bob Too! At St Helens Theatre Royal.

After breaking Box Office records with previous productions in 2011 and 2012, Andrea Dunbar’s classic Rita, Sue and Bob Too! is returning to St. Helens Theatre Royal in February 2015. The new stage version of the hilarious 1987 cult movie is once again brought to the stage by Regal Entertainments Ltd and producers are now excited to announce an all-star cast.

The Unity Theatre To Host Joanne Sherryden’s The Rainbow Connection.

Some people can become the most unlikely of friends and the friendship between two very people is the subject of The Rainbow Connection which is being performed at the Unity Theatre from February 21st to Saturday 23rd February.

Joe is agoraphobic and anti-social whereas Shelly is just the opposite. Joe likes the George Peppard and Audrey Hepburn film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Shelly sees a black-and–white film and she thinks there is something wrong with the television.  Joe has experienced a recent tragedy. Shelly is hanging on the dubious promises of the controlling Bernie. Joe is gay and Shelly isn’t. To say they don’t have much in common would be an understatement.

Liverpool Sound And Vision: The Saturday Supplement. An Interview With Dannielle Malone.

British playwright, Andrea Dunbar, wrote the sensational Rita, Sue and Bob Too! in the early 1980’s. It caused much controversy at the time as it played on the negative outlook of certain rundown council estates in the north of England and especially in her part of Bradford.  On the back of sell out performances at the St Helens Theatre Royal last year, the team behind the revival of the play have bought it back for another incredible run at the theatre.

Rita, Sue and Bob Too!, Theatre Review. St. Helens Theatre Royal.

Dannielle Malone, Paul Opacic, Nikki Sanderson in Rita, Sue and Bob Too! Photograph by Ian D. Hall

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Tina Malone, Nikki Sanderson, Paul Opacic, Dannielle Malone, Mickey Finn, Elyn Kennedy, Paul Malone.

In 2011 Andrea Dunbar’s Rita, Sue and Bob Too! had a sell out run at the St. Helens Theatre Royal, as it comes round again it is easy to see why this portrayal of Margaret Thatcher’s council estate Britain is such a popular and long lasting hit production.