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Flying Like A Brick!

Flying like a Brick!

Down on my luck

I have got absolutely nowt

But my Universal Credit

will help me out

By tomorrow I’ll be a benefit millionaire

that’s what it’s all about  without a care!

The Day my UC comes in my account

It’ll re-float my sinking boat

Well I’m not stupid

I’m not even thick

Swimming in lumpy gravy

I’m flying like a brick!

I’ve got a Trout mask replica

Like Captain Beefheart!


John Hall 2018.

Ships On The River.

Still flows the river, on the ebbing tide

I’ve watched those ships come and go

since I was a child

Still flows the river. Each and every day

I’ve watched those ships on the river

Coasters and tankers, waved them on their way

The River flows out to the estuary

Red and green buoys keep the channel safe

Seagulls follow the leaving ships

For flotsam and jetsam in their propeller wake

At a rate of knots they pass the Mersey bar

Then it’s out on to the Irish Sea