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Pete King, Gig Review. The Brink, Liverpool. (2017).

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Sometimes you sit upon the shoulders of giants and the view is awe-inspiring, occasionally you get to watch a second generation musician come along and, whilst understanding they have their own belief in giants to contend with, you see the view they offer, from ground level, and it is one that shakes mountains.

Pete King, Gig Review. Sound Food And Drink, Liverpool. We Shall Overcome 2016.

To have one King in your life is to have good fortune, to acquire a second, that is the sound of destiny calling, of the riches of father-son genes and love for music being passed down and it is one that unfolds and reveals that talent is blessed and prosperous.

The sensational Derek King had already paved the way for Liverpool Acoustic’s contribution to the Saturday of We Shall Overcome, and as the day hurtled towards its natural end, as the music began to drift to the more electric sound elsewhere in the city, the final flourish, the flag raised high on a fantastic and well conducted afternoon of music inside Sound Food and Drink was unfurled by the next generation of King, the creative and magical Pete King.

Be The Bear, Film Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Hannah McGowan, Esther Larkin, Jamie Brownson, Pete King, Ian Warburton.

The internet may be many things, it has the opportunity to mimic the human interactions of being a force for good and the huge potential for evil, it is the machine that is only as reliable as the content put in it and at times it makes you despair for the world and what people perceive they have to do to leave their mark on the fragile and scarred Earth.