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No, Not Tomorrow.


I will not find myself wallowing in nostalgia,

I will not give in to seeing a sunshine bloom

where a dying rose sags

and slowly fades


losing colour, curled up and closing in on confusion

of why it is no longer loved;

for tomorrow I will not disappear in melancholy,

why would I,

when I can do it beautifully



Ian D. Hall 2017


I have never been at anyone’s beck and call,

I will tug no lock nor doff my trilby to no one,

I will admire in great abundance but I will not lick your arse clean

nor allow you to make me feel like I am worthless;

for I am not your whipping boy.


I place the smoky glass in front of me as I wish it to tempt me,

inside I want it to take me to a place where

you cannot reach me, because the last thing I want