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Sing, Film Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Matthew McConaughy, Reese Witherspoon, Seth MacFarlane, Scarlett Johansson, John C. Reilly, Taron Egerton, Tori Kelly, Jennifer Saunders, Jennifer Hudson, Garth Jennings, Peter Serafinowicz, Nick Kroll, Beck Bennett, Jay Pharoah, Nick Offerman, Leslie Jones, Rhea Perlman, Laraine Newman.

In a world obsessed with celebrity, with instant fame and the self gratification of not having to climb to the top of your profession without hard work and tears, the animated film Sing is a refreshing pastiche wrapped up in the soft fabric of feel good cinema.

Fargo, Television Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

Cast: Patrick Wilson, Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemons, Ted Danson, Jean Smart, Jeffrey Donovan, Rachel Keller, Nick Offerman, Bokeem Woodbine, Zahn McClarnon, Kieran Culkin, Brad Garrett, Angus Sampson, Kier O’ Donnell, Bruce Campbell, Michael Hogan, Adam Arkin, Elizabeth Marvel, Allan Dobrescu, Raven Stewart, Brad Mann, Todd Mann, Emily Haine, Dan Beirne, Martin Freeman, Allison Tolman, Joey King, Colin Hanks, Keith Carradine.

A Walk In The Woods, Film Review. Picturehouse@ F.A.C.T., Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 7/10

Cast: Robert Redford, Nick Nolte, Emma Thompson, Mary Steenburgen, Nick Offerman, Kristen Schaal, R.K. Harris, Randall Newsome, Hayley Lovitt, Susan McPhail, John Kap, Alex Van.

Bill Bryson is arguably one of the leading exponents of dramatic and comedic travel writing in the last 50 years, his books have sold millions and they are told as if being let in on series of amusing anecdotes, they veer from the dull and professionally accurate descriptions of a life with a map book in one hand and the inevitable pseudo-snobbish that comes with some of the craft and instead what they become is essential stories of a life well travelled. This is never more perfect than in his best- selling book A Walk In The Woods.

Me And Earl And The Dying Girl, Film Review. Picturehouse@F.A.C.T., Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

Cast: Thomas Mann, RJ Cyler, Olivia Cooke, Nick Offerman, Connie Britton, Molly Shannon, Jon Bernthal, Katherine C. Hughes, Matt Bennett, Masam Holden, Bobb’e J. Thompson, Gavin Dietz, Edward DeBruce III, Natalie Marchelletta, Chelsea Zhang, Marco Zappela, Kaza Marie Ayersman, Etta Cox, Karriem Sami, Hugh Jackman.

Coming of age films can leave a bitter feeling in the mouth, not through the quality of the film but in how they are perceived to make older audiences feel.

Danny Collins, Film Review. Picturehouse@F.A.C.T., Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

Cast: Al Pacino, Annette Bening, Bobby Cannavale, Christopher Plummer, Jennifer Garner, Josh Peck, Melissa Benoist, Nick Offerman, Aarti Mann, Katrina Cas, Anne McDaniels, Brian Smith, Eric Lange, Giselle Eisenberg, Michael Patrick McGill, Scott Lawrence, Eric Michael Roy.

Every actor has one film in them which the plaudits and the cinema goer attaches great stock and faith in, some have more than one. For Al Pacino, they seem to have come with never ending force and for even those who might not see the appeal of his film career over say Robert de Niro or Jack Nicholson, they have to concede that the man is adored the world over.