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Midsomer Murders, Last Man Out. Television Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

Cast: Neil Dudgeon, Fiona Dolman, Nick Hendrix, Jason Hughes, Manjinder Virk, John Bird, Susan Jameson, Raj Awasti, Tia Bannon, Joe Dixon, Daniel Eghan, Susan Fordham, Frances Grey, Esther Hall, Stephen Hawke, Michael Haydon, Bruce Lawrence, Natasha Little, Mark Powley, Mike Ray, Paul Reynolds, Parth Thakerar, Glenn Webster.

The village green, second only to Lords as a natural home of English cricket, a place where the icy, money tentacles of show business have not crept in and the game remains pure, cricket at its most gentlemanly, where the only thing to worry about is bitter rivalry, untamed jealousy and the wearing down of the natural order; where the Last Man Out might still buy the round or quite easily find himself the target of death.

Midsomer Murders: The Village That Rose From The Dead. Television Review.


Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

Cast: Neil Dudgeon, Fiona Dolman, Nick Hendrix, Anthony Calf, Hugh Dennis, Raj Awasti, Caroline Blakiston, David Burke, Christopher Colquhoun, Michael Haydon, Pippa Haywood, Matt Houghton, Seeta Indrani, William Melling, Sally Philips, Catherine Steadman, Edwin Thomas, Manjinder Virk, Jo Wheatley, Angus Wright.

The past is so much harder to leave behind when the ghosts won’t stay dead.

Midsomer Murders: The Ballad Of Midsomer County. Television Review.

MLivepool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Neil Dudgeon, Gwilym Lee, Fiona Dolman, Tamzin Malleson, Dean Andrews, Rakie Ayola, Lucie Jones, Claudie Blakley, Clarke Peters, Therese Bradley, Daniel Brocklebank, Chris Cartwright, Anthony Farrelly, Sean Gilder, Stephen Hagan, John W. G, Harley, Michael Haydon, , Richard Banks, Rosalind March, Stuart St. Paul, Ricky Raipal, Mick Slaney, Anick Wiget.

Death always needs a great theme tune. It is the signifier to a very good film or television detective series that an oncoming loss of life by nefarious means is accompanied by a memorable song or instrumental piece. If The Omen had a soundtrack, that say for example, was light and pithy would it have made young Damien seem more brutal or somehow as cuddly as a panda with an overbearing affection disorder?