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Go West And Nik Kershaw, Gig Review. Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool. (2018).

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

If you can remember the 80s with a glorious smile and the passion of a beating heart rampaging through single after single of dominating pop and the explosion of culture that surrounded it, then you are one of that rare breed that wasn’t hemmed in and surrounded completely by the post-war early boom of rock and roll and neither were you fooled by the arrival of the almost far too beautiful but in some eyes sulky, almost akin to drama filled, 90s that followed.

Paul Carrack, Gig Review. Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool. (2018).

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

Paul Carrack at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, February 2018. Photograph by Ian D. Hall.

Unless you are part of the esteemed Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, you don’t see that many musicians performing a two night stand at the prestigious venue; it isn’t that it is not the done thing, it just happens that way, performers take to the stage, they give the audience the respect they are due and the harmony of expression and hopeful love, then they move onto the next town, perhaps only stopping to take a look at the city in daylight hours, rekindling a memory of their own before the bus and their equipment drives on.

The Classic Rock Show, Gig Review. Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool. (2018).

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

The Classic Rock Show, Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool. February 2018. Photograph used with the permission of David Munn Photography.

There are times in your life, if you have been fortunate to have been bitten by the bug that salivates over the pleasurable moans of a well played guitar and the heartbeat rising when the drum kicks in, the bass and the somehow deep and meaningful lyrics come into play and the recognition that the song reflects not only your mood but your life, it is those times that you know that Classic Rock has got down deep and personal in your life and the song, no matter how much it remains the same, is there to be loved and remembered.

Little Red And The Big Bad Wolf, Theatre Review. Unity Theatre, Liverpool. (2018).

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * * *

Cast: Liz Jadav, Simone Lewis, Harvey Robinson, Luca Rutherford.

BSL Interpreter: Kate Labno.

We all warn our children about straying from the path provided, to not deviate, keep close at all times, and even though we understand they have to make their own way in the world. We also have the responsibility to make sure that they don’t get hurt, become embroiled and hang with the wrong crowd, that they, unlike Little Red, find fascination with the wolf who wears its fur with pride, who has the smooth pick up line and casual interesting manner.