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Kevin Critchley, Gig Review. Sound Food And Drink, Liverpool. We Shall Overcome 2016.

They used to say good things come to those who wait, that patience between events was the virtue in which to aspire; a hangover from the Victorian era in which we are still reaping the disaster of the times from; the painful way of believing that self denial is a good thing when it comes to appreciation. They used to say a lot of things but hardly any of it is relevant in 21st Century, especially the Victorian’s attitude to the poor and the destitute, the infirm and those to whom Government decisions effect negatively.

Liverpool Acoustic Collective, Someday We’ll See Better Days. Single Review.

There are moments when the world, or at least certain people with decency in their hearts and the courage in their minds, is able to make a huge difference. There are many problems to be discussed, to be addressed and be solved, no matter how far we come as a civilisation, no matter the dizzy heights of industrial might, of reaching out beyond our mortal capability into the stars and the progress of technical know-how, people fall through the gaps. They become unseen, almost invisible, past the point of sight until they blur into their surroundings and whether it is through the actions of someone else or their own misfortune, brought on perhaps by a Government and others that just don’t care, the cracks open up regardless and the streets, the parks and the obscured shadows become the home of the dispossessed and the homeless.

Kevin Critchley, Gig Review. District, Liverpool. Hope Fest 2015.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

Most people when they come back from a trip abroad take it easy for a couple of days, the possible jet lag alone enough to make the thought of entertaining a vocally enjoyable crowd make some turn their back on the day and lay down in a darkened room. Not for Kevin Critchley though, if there is such a thing as having another wind, then this young man must have stored them up and let them infuse his body to the point of dynamic delivery.

Kevin Critchley, Gig Review. Strings And Things, Studio 2, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

Time is both cruel and unusual, as well being the well thought of great healer. It asks so much of us and in many ways offers so little in return. To be able to find time to watch all the great bands that come your way, that visit your nearest venue is an almost an impossible ask; to follow round every possible staging post one of the great young acts that the city has nurtured over the last few years is sadly unworkable in the modern age, to do deprives your attention from others, just as deserving, just as enjoyable, and yet when Kevin Critchley comes on stage, Time does its best to hold back the constant ticking.

Kevin Critchley, As I Disappear. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

In all of us there are times in which the urge to disappear, to walk away from all that surrounds and consumes us, when its either overwhelming to the point where one day your best friend suddenly finds you have left the country and are now contemplating eating lentils and enjoying a spiritual uplifting moment in Tibet or at the very least your loved one might come across a journal in which you have kept with an eye on the future in which cutting logs outside of a wooden cabin in the depths of the Canadian wilderness.