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King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword. Film Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Charlie Hunnam, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, Jude Law, Djimon Hounsou, Eric Bana, Aiden Gillen, Freddie Fox, Craig McGinlay, Tom Wu, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Neil Maskell, Annabelle Wallis, Geoff Bell, Bleu Landau, Jacqui Ainsley, Georgina Campbell, Rob Knighton, Michael Hadley, David Beckham, Katie McGrath, Peter Ferdinando, Michael McElhatton, Mikael Persbrandt.


Legends come from stories long since handed down and embellished, made uncertain and then allowed to fade into the darkness of our collective memories, such is the fate of us all and without proof, who is to say that you also won’t become a myth.

Merlin, Television Review. B.B.C. Television.

Picture courtesy of the B.B.C.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * * *

Cast: Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Angel Coulby, Katie McGrath, Richard Wilson, Nathaniel Parker, Anthony Head, John Hurt, Michael Cronin, Eion Macken, Rupert Young, Alexander Vhalos, Emila Fox.

After a five series run, the B.B.C. television programme Merlin has come to its final ending. The trials and tribulations of the young apprentice sorcerer at the court of Camelot has reached its final and prophetic conclusion and whilst it should be mourned as it passes over to the realms of future repeats on unneeded digital channels and the mythology of future Trivia Pursuit questions. It should be noted that it was a much needed boost for Saturday evening television programmes, dominated at times by the surreal and those only ever interested in fame.