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Midsomer Murders: Saints And Sinners. Television Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * *

Cast: Neil Dudgeon, Gwilym Lee, Fiona Dolman, Manjinder Virk, Jonathan Aris, Julia Sawalha, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Srafano Braschi, Adam Gillett, Ralf Little, Gabrielle Lloyd, Edward MacLiam, Pippa Nixon, Ruth Sheen, Malcolm Sinclair, Kim Vithana.

Brothers at war over the truth, a village facing a type of unprecedented, a kind of spiritual extinction and turmoil as three different factions start a fight over the remains of a woman long since dead and the pilgrimage, faith and act of monetary devotion that criss-crosses them all; it is just another case for D.I. Barnaby as the Saints and Sinners flock together in Midsomer Murders.

Midsomer Murders, Breaking The Chain. Television Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Neil Dudgeon, Gwilym Lee, Fiona Dolman, Majinder Virk, Tessa Peake-Jones, Joe McGann, Julia Sawalha, Edward Akrout, Hari Dhillion, Sophia Di Martino, Richard Graham, Rebecca Grant, Ben Lamb, Derek Riddell, Jack Staddon, Olivia Vinall, Tom York.

Competitive cycling has had its detractors over the years, it has its champions, its heroes and its fallen idols, the gold body supported by the lead base and the fragile Earth beneath and yet the spanner always finds a way to throw itself into the works and take the sport down a slippery slope in which one could not easily fathom.

Remember Me, Television Review. B.B.C.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * *

Cast: Michael Palin, Mark Addy, Hodie Comer, Julia Sawalha, Jamie-Rooney-West, Tony Pitts, Eileen Davies, Mayuri Boonham, Kate Dobson, Mina Anwar, Noreen Kershaw, Kirsty Hoiles, Ubayd Rehman, Aqib Khan, Sheila Hancock, Rebekah Staton, Rita May, Marcus Garvey, Richard Lumsden, Orla Cottingham, Gary Pillai, Roger Grainger, Tony Monroe, Indra J. Adler, Hilly Barber, Garry Marriott.

Remember Me is the first outing in dramatic role for what seems an interminable age for one of Yorkshire’s favourite sons Michael Palin. It is a role that perhaps offered so much to one of the absolute greats of British comedy but ultimately fell flat with little hope of being considered one of the giant’s great visual feasts.

Miss Marple, Greenshaw’s Folly. Television Review. I.T.V.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Julia McKenzie, Julia Sawalha, Fiona Shaw, Robert Glenister, John Gordon Sinclair, Judy Parfitt, Vic Reeves, Kimberley Nixon, Rufus Jones, Matt Wills, Joanna David, Bobby Smalldridge, Candida Gubbins, Sam Reid, Martin Compston,

Rarely does Miss Marple stray into the domain held dear by Agatha Christie’s other great creation of Hercule Poirot, that of the understated darkness in greed or supposed glory. Mostly whatever deeds have been committed in the cases of Miss Marple it has been for love or lust. Greenshaw’s Folly though perhaps sees the elderly spinster at her very best as she deals not only with horrifying aftermath of spousal abuse but the very worst case of murder, premeditated and for gain.