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Certain Women, Film Review. Picturehouse@F.A.C.T., Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * *

Cast: Laura Dern, Michelle Williams, Kristin Stewart, Lily Gladstone, James Le Gros, Jared Harris, Rene Auberjonis, Ashlie Atkinson, Guy Boyd, Edelen McWilliams, John Getz, James Jordan, Matt McTighe, Joshua T. Fonkalafi, Sara Rodier, Stephanie Campbell, Kilty Reidy, Marceline Hugot, Zena Dell Lowe, Kory Gunderson.

There is always a high expectation when it comes to some films, the anticipation in which well documented narrative might offer a new direction of thought in appreciation in how others live, how to see the world through the eyes of another might produce some much needed empathy in a world dominated by the fast, the furious and the often extraordinary; it is always a hope, one sometimes fulfilled, yet sadly, not many revelations are to gleaned in Certain Women.

Trumbo, Film Review. Picturehouse@F.A.C.T., Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

Cast: Bryan Cranston, Diane Lane, Helen Mirren, Michael Stuhlbarg, Dean O’ Gorman, David James Elliott, David Maldonado, John Getz, Alan Tudyk, Louis C.K., Richard Portnow, Roger Bart, Robert Stripling, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Ellie Fanning, John Goodman, Stephen Root, Christian Berkel.

The era of McCarthyism was arguably one of the most shameful times in American politics, one that to this day still sends a shiver down the spine and causes the heart to miss a beat or two as the scare tactics employed by the junior senator and those of involved with the committee hearings dealing with the House Un-American Activities. That shiver should be felt for all time, it should never relent and whilst Arthur Miller brought the nauseous feeling and rising anger superbly to the stage in the classic The Crucible, Trumbo makes it feel so much more modern and dastardly.