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Beauty & The Beast, Theatre Review. The Black-E, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

Cast: Tori Hargreaves, Nick Langmead, Jamie Greer, Adam McCoy, Helen Carter, Alan Stocks, Ciaran Kellgren, Brandon Incles, Libby Fairhurst, Michael Hall, Shannon McFadden.

There is a monster in all of us, a beast to whom only the love of one person can fight hard enough to quell and set on a course to love and to being the person we wish to be seen as by the rest of the world. To find such a person is sometimes all we can hope for, it is the very essence of our time, to have, to hold, to rip off the mask we have put to keep the hurt at bay.

Hoof! Returns After A Three Year Break To The Unity Theatre This April.

After a three year break, and due to massive popular demand Spike Theatre return with their popular improvisational show Hoof! at the Unity Theatre on the 4th and 5th April 2014.

The show, which B.B.C. Radio calls “Refreshingly different, side-achingly funny, just pure comic genius.”, sees A bare stage transforms into a visual, verbal and musical feast as five physical performers and a musician catapult the audience into a totally improvised world.

Hoof! Is not a production of improvisation games but two entire plays improvised quite literally on the Hoof! Based on a unique form of spontaneous theatre previously only performed in the U.S.A. Spike Theatre are pleased to be back at The Unity having taken a few years to recharge their improvisation batteries.