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James Paterson, Cross The Line. Book Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * *

A hero can become tiresome, their continued exploits a cause for concern as the writer makes their lives more fantastic, more appealing and even if they take the most severe of beatings in the pursuit of their chosen profession, they somehow come up smelling not just of a single rose, but a whole field of red blooms.

The point sometimes is missed that a hero needs to be fallible, they need to have a weakness and whilst Alex Cross’ love for his family is undoubtedly one, it means that he has no place to go but always on the side of the angels, the go to safety net that means that he must never Cross The Line.

James Paterson, Merry Christmas, Alex Cross. Book Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * *

James Paterson’s almost near prestigious work involving the Psychiatrist turned Washington D.C. Detective Alex Cross have been as legendary as the amount of books that bear his name, either in the author’s own right or as part of his expanding output involving other writers. In the past books that involved Alex Cross have been near perfect as you wish for a modern day detective story, novels such as Pop Goes the Weasel, Roses are Red, Kiss the Girls and Double X have been a forthright look at the American crime solving.