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Beauty & The Beast, Theatre Review. The Black-E, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

Cast: Tori Hargreaves, Nick Langmead, Jamie Greer, Adam McCoy, Helen Carter, Alan Stocks, Ciaran Kellgren, Brandon Incles, Libby Fairhurst, Michael Hall, Shannon McFadden.

There is a monster in all of us, a beast to whom only the love of one person can fight hard enough to quell and set on a course to love and to being the person we wish to be seen as by the rest of the world. To find such a person is sometimes all we can hope for, it is the very essence of our time, to have, to hold, to rip off the mask we have put to keep the hurt at bay.

The Star, Theatre Review. Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool.

Eithne Browne in The Star. Photograph by Robert Day.

Eithne Browne in The Star. Photograph by Robert Day.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

Cast: Eithne Browne, Michelle Butterly, Helen Carter, Kevin Harvey, Danny O’Brien, Jack Rigby, Michael Starke.

Musicians: James Breckon, Elliot Chapman, Danny Miller.

Looking up into the Heavens, one can see the gallery of happy faces, the stars are there to perform, and they find no reason to ever stop beaming their light on the world below. For audiences making their way to the Playhouse this festive season, The Star is shining brightly and it is one that captures all that is good about modern theatre and the remarkable memory it invokes of hearing about the good old days of the music hall experience.

Father O’ Flaherty Saves Our Souls, Theatre Review. Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

Cast: Clare Bowles, Helen Carter, Paul Duckworth, Alan Stocks, Keddy Sutton.

An outpouring of respect should be shown to an actor who puts their life in the hands of an audience to the extent that their own inner thoughts, their own passionate affair with the boards and with language become so consuming that they write a play off their own back and present it to a crowd, ever hungry, ever in need of a new production to hold close to their hearts, and feel the sweat and possible damnation coming off the rehearsal floor for.

Mam! I’m ‘Ere!, Theatre Review. Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * * *

Cast: Eithne Browne, Helen Carter, Paul Duckworth, Michael Fletcher, Rachael Rae, Andrew Schofield, Alan Stocks, Keddy Sutton, Jamie Hampson, Hayley Hampson.

Musicians: Emily Linden, Simeon Scheuber, Alex Smith, Lauren Williams.


One of the great musical comedies to have come out of Liverpool in the last few years has to be the outstanding Mam! I’m ‘Ere! Making its debut in the grand space of The Dome, it took audiences to a place where imagination and riotous laughter met, shook hands, frolicked in the winter cold and sent them home happier than a free weeks pass at a holiday camp with drink supplied.

Lynne Francis Fills In For Helen Carter At Scouse Of The Antarctic.

The show must always go on…it is not quite law, but to the artist, be it actor, painter or musician, it is a loaded phrase that at some point seems to present itself fully and without warning. It can strike disaster, it can bring the house down with well-deserved applause from a grateful and highly delighted audience.

With one of the stars, the incomparable Helen Carter, having suffered an injury to a rib and with around 90 minutes to curtain, the highly successful and tremendously funny Christmas show, Scouse of the Antarctic, could have suffered a set-back which would have been upsetting for the huge crowd that had made their way to the Royal Court Theatre on a cold January night on one of the final evenings of the top rated Liverpool show.

Scouse Of The Antarctic, Theatre Review. Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

Cast: Helen Carter, Michael Fletcher, Lindzi Germain, Hayley Hampson, Michael Ledwich, John McGrellis, Michael Starke, Ross Higginson, Jack Humers, Emily Linden, Alex Smith.

The Antarctic: A place where a person from Liverpool can be at one with Penguins, Polar Bears, a sarcastic snowman with a not just a carrot on his nose but a chip on a shoulder and a cob on his mind and where a man’s underpants can signify that you are truly the master of all you survey. Life it seems can be serene and peaceful as the Scouse of The Antarctic.

The Sunshine Boys, Theatre Review. Epstein Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * * *

Cast: Andrew Schofield, Alan Stocks, Helen Carter, Michael Fletcher, Stephen Fletcher, Liam Tobin.

Sometimes there are no words that can ever justify the praise or warmth you wish to impart to people or future audiences on how good a play or performance is.  You just have to watch the crowd’s reaction and listening to the cheering of those that had made their way Epstein Theatre to watch The Sunshine Boys too know that the production is just simply amazing.

Life In Theatre Brings Some Extra Sunshine To Liverpool With Casting Confirmed For Show.

Life in Theatre Productions are proud to present their second Broadway production at the beautiful Epstein Theatre this Summer, following their recent smash hit production of The Last 5 Years. From 15th August – 7th September theatregoers will be treated to a 3 week run of Neil Simon’s critically acclaimed Broadway and West End Vaudeville comedy, The Sunshine Boys and full casting for the show is now confirmed.

Liverpool theatre veterans Andrew “Drew” Schofield and Alan Stocks are already announced to play the lead roles of Al Lewis; the laid-back, smiling assassin (Drew Schofield in his Neptune/Epstein debut), and the cantankerous old clown Willie Clark (Alan Stocks) and now producers are delighted to announce the talented supporting cast who will join this dynamic duo!

The Last Five Years, Theatre Review. The Epstein Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * * *

Cast: Helen Carter, Stephen Fletcher.

There are times when a production can simply not be bettered, it has the most fantastic response to it and lingers on well in the memory as one of the absolute highlights of the theatre year. That production is The Last Five Years, it was considered by all who saw it at the Actor’s Studio, a rip roaring accomplished piece of art from start to finish. That is where the two productions stop being comparable, as Stephen Fletcher, one of the finest young actors in Liverpool and the exceptional Helen Carter bought Jason Robert Brown’s play back to the stage for the second time and in one fell swoop made it a gleaming example of artistic beauty, of tremendous fortitude and belief and overall simple elegance.

Hit Musical The Last Five Years Back For Second Sensational Liverpool Run.

2012’s award-winning and critically acclaimed Broadway smash hit musical, THE LAST FIVE YEARS is back by popular demand! After last year’s run at The Liverpool Actors Studio sold out, the show will this time visit a larger venue – the beautiful and newly-renovated Epstein Theatre – for 3 weeks this June, starting on Monday 3rd until Sunday 23rd June.