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The Words Of A Hostage.


I blink my eyes

a thousand times

a minute, in hope

that you recognise

the Morse Code I am sending,

don’t try to find me,

quite lost,

quite lost,

a small sudden stare

into the distance

reveals more pain

and torture to come,

the taboo to be broken,

the last vestige of my soul

quite broken,

quite broken,

beat me,

they seem to want

to always inflict more

ridicule, surprised I am

still breathing here

in this cold, unforgiving place,

Great Britain’s Basketball Heroes Perform In Style.

Originally published by L.S. Media. September 2nd 2012.

The next two games would determine if Great Britain would take any part in the quarter finals of the men’s basketball at this year’s Paralympic games. Canada ware now virtually assured a place after their stunning victory over the Germans, who themselves should certainly still qualify despite the set-back.

Only Poland really stood in the way of Great Britain being in the second stage of the completion as the seeming whipping boys of the tournament Japan would not surely do the unbelievable and get points off a resurgent British Bulldogs team.