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The Boomtown Rats, Gig Review. o2 Academy, Liverpool.


Bob Geldof at the o2 Academy, Liverpool, October 2014. Photgraph by Ian D. Hall.

Bob Geldof at the o2 Academy, Liverpool, October 2014. Photgraph by Ian D. Hall.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * * *

On a night like this…where the decades are rolled back, when the silent regret of Time sheds a tear for the lack of decency and improvement in the lives of those that inhabit the fragile Earth. In which the bullet and the bomb, the political scorn kicking downwards and the rise of a party in which right minded people should be doing all they can to make sure they never get a grasp on even a seat in the next election, let alone have a say in running the country. The Boomtown Rats returned to Liverpool and for those in the crowd at the o2 Academy old enough to remember, gave the type of performance for which audiences at Eric’s would have raved about for weeks on end.

The Boomtown Rats, Gig Review. 02 Academy, Newcastle.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

For those that found themselves in the company of Simon Crowe and Garry Roberts in the Bilston Robin 2 as they thrilled discerning audiences as part of From The Rats  in August 2008 the thought that 4/5ths of The Boomtown Rats line-up would tour together during 2013 would have seemed like a dream that could never come true in a million years, an impossible fantasy you would have bet against from the start but slowly and surely the superb Garry Roberts and Simon Crowe have been joined by Bob Geldof and Pete Briquette and with the very talented Darren Beale adding a touch of youthful exuberance to the cause on guitar, The Boomtown Rats took the packed Newcastle 02 Academy and with just a couple of songs performed from a top notch set list, you could see that they had gone down a storm.

From The Rats, Mathew Street Festival 2010. Gig Review.

Originally published by L.S. Media. August 29th 2010.

L.S. Media Rating ****

For some the Mathew Street Festival means a chance to relive their youth and catch some cover acts that play extremely well and catch the spirit brilliantly of those bands that no longer tour or that are so popular, therefore so expensive, that the average person in the street cannot afford to attend any of the gigs they may arrange.