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Elijah James and The Nightmares, Live From Elevator Studios. E.P. Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision * * * * *

To have it all and yet be humble, to possess the voice and heart of a lion and yet be as sensitive as a field of poppies in full bloom or as wondrous as the first sighting of a masterpiece on an artist’s easel, to see it all unfold before your own eyes, that is one of the great gifts of existence and one that the music fan rarely gets to witness or the reader of poetry and the great British novel can only guess at.

Elijah James And The Nightmares, Gig Review. Studio 2, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

Time was a new album or E.P. launch would be held in the frosted glaze of cameras and a hundred scribes finding a novel way to describe the happiness and pride in the room, the management pouring out champagne and the band assured a million dollar comeback; it was all colourful, it was cynical and it was never truly real. Under the fa├žade of a thousand camera lenses lays one of the truths of life, that nothing is truly what is seems unless you witness it in all its beauty of the humble and quietly talented leaving a bigger mark on the audience than a extravaganza could ever achieve.