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Midsomer Murders: The Village That Rose From The Dead. Television Review.


Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

Cast: Neil Dudgeon, Fiona Dolman, Nick Hendrix, Anthony Calf, Hugh Dennis, Raj Awasti, Caroline Blakiston, David Burke, Christopher Colquhoun, Michael Haydon, Pippa Haywood, Matt Houghton, Seeta Indrani, William Melling, Sally Philips, Catherine Steadman, Edwin Thomas, Manjinder Virk, Jo Wheatley, Angus Wright.

The past is so much harder to leave behind when the ghosts won’t stay dead.

The Musketeers, The Exiles. Television Review. B.B.C. Television.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Tom Burke, Santiago Cabrera, Peter Capaldi, Howard Charles, Luke Pasqualino, Amy Nuttall, Tara Fitzgerald, Ryan Gage, Alexandra Dowling, Hugo Speer, Tamla Kari, Ben Adams, David Burke, Michael Kucera, Simon Merrells, Phil Snowden, Curtis Matthew, Madelyn Marcella.

When your biggest enemy is your mother you really have problems. When she is plotting to bring about your downfall and replace you with someone younger, more pliable and easily moulded to her will, then your problems become seemingly insurmountable and terrifying.