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Down The Dock Road, Theatre Review. Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

Cast: Derek Barr, Les Dennis, Paul Duckworth, James Duke, Oliver Farnworth, Michael Ledwich, Nathan McMullen, Conrad Nelson, Andrew Schofield, Daniel Taylor.

If there is an occupation that typifies the city of Liverpool, which the British public think of first when asked what job symbolises the city that gave The Beatles to the world, then surely without doubt the job of the Stevedore or the Dock worker would come out on top.

The Winter’s Tale, Theatre Review. Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

Cast: Conrad Nelson, Russell Richardson, Andy Cryer, Jack Lord, Hannah Barrie, Vanessa Schofield, Lauryn Redding, Andrew Whitehead, Jordan Kemp, Adam Barlow, Ruth Alexander Rubin, Mike Hugo, Jessica Dyas.

You can always trust Time to deliver a verdict that reconciles the world when it is damaged just as you can trust Time to play with the misfortunes of men when it suits to teach them a lesson for the insanity and jealous ravings.

Northern Broadsides Make A ‘Grand Gesture’ At The Playhouse With Adaptation Of Russian Black Comedy.

Following the critical success of last year’s A Government Inspector, Northern Broadsides’ associate director Conrad Nelson and playwright Deborah McAndrew once again team up with The Grand Gesture. Based on Nikolai Erdman’s rarely-performed comic classic The Suicide, this pitch-black, break-neck farce of a man living on the edge comes to the Liverpool Playhouse from Tuesday 12th to Saturday 16th November.

Simeon Duff is desperate. After a failed last-ditch attempt to solve his problems by learning to play the tuba, he finally decides there’s only one way out: suicide.

A Government Inspector, Theatre Review. Liverpool Playhouse.

Photograph by Nobby Clarke.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Howard Chadwick, Andrew Price, Clara Darcy, Andy Cresswell, Anthony Hunt, Susie Emmett, Jill Cardo, Kraig Thornber, Andy Cryer, Richard Colvin, Jon Trenchard, Tim Frances.

Whenever Northern Broadsides comes to the Liverpool Playhouse or its fantastic times up at the Everyman Theatre, the city’s audiences fall over themselves in their droves to make sure they are one of the fortunate ones to witness a night of exceptional theatre. In the latest classic that gets a welcome Northern representation, the brilliant ensemble; under the excellent tutelage of the director and composer Conrad Nelson, wrapped themselves in the cosy and biting satirical humour of Gogol’s inspired comedy A Government Inspector.  This guidance extended to the actors doubling up and performing as a bass band during the performance. An exceptional feat to include into a show!