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Educating Rita, Theatre Review. Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool.

Educatibg Rita at the Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool. Photograph by Stephen Vaughan.

Educatibg Rita at the Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool. Photograph by Stephen Vaughan.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * * *

Cast: Leanne Best, Con O’Neill.

The further we move away from a time in history, the more it seems to resonate with us in the present. In 1979 the social climate of the country changed, events and news from around the world started to mould Britain in a way not seen since the start of the Second World War and the pace of life altered, stagnation, alienation and guilt in some quarters, not enough in others, became a new breeding ground to hit people with a terrifying new stick with. Yet somehow, as if in rebellion to this flowering want, great music started to reflect the times once more and the mood of education was to be heard in many a great rock and pop song and into this world Willy Russell’s Educating Rita was born.

Life Of Crime, Television Review. I.T.V.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Hayley Atwell, Richard Coyle, Joel Beckett, Con O’Neill, Amanda Drew, Julian Lewis Jones, Ruth McCabe, Stephen McDade, Ray Pantthaki, Amaranthe Partridge.

Everywhere you go these days Hayley Atwell appears to be. The reason of course that she has been in some very high profile television programmes, films and even audio plays in the last couple of years and that all stems down from the fact that in every part she plays she is so believable and can hold the camera’s and audience’s attention unlike almost any other female actor working today, only Maggie Smith perhaps can have the same plaudits laid at her feet.

Titus Andronicus, Theatre Review. Unity Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * ½

Cast: Sam Liu, Lauren Fitzpatrick, Karl Falconer, Jason Carragher, Alexander Bollands, Lowell Carragher, Russell Carragher, Matilda Swinney, Alexandra Walker, Siobhan Crinson, Sam Wright, Aimee Marnell, Elena Stephenson, Agata Jarosz, Con O’Neill, Justine Williams, Laura Ryan, Sarah Dwyer.

Dead Heavy Fantastic. Theatre Review. Everyman Theatre, Liverpool.

Picture courtesy of everymanplayhouse.com

Originally published by L.S. Media. March 17th 2011.Cast: Michelle Butterly, David Carlyle, Helen Carter, Stephen Fletcher, Con O’Neill, Samantha Robinson, Jess Schofield, Alan Stocks.

Dead Heavy Fantastic is the new exciting play by Robert Farquar, that deals with the subject of a world rarely seen by many who live in Liverpool but who will have heard gory tales of hedonism, the party culture, drugs and of out of place postmen.