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Midsomer Murders: Habeas Corpus. Television Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

Cast: Neil Dudgeon, Fiona Dolman, Gwilym Lee, Helen Baxendale, Emma Cunniffe, Alastair Mackenzie, Navin Chowdhry, Ty Hurley, Ciarán McMenamin, Clive Merrison, Sarah Middleton, Joseph Mydell, Diane Quick, Elizabeth Rider, Manjinder Virk.

Midsomer may have had more than its fair share of murders over the years, a record that is unlikely to be surpassed at any time in the near future, but it has never suffered from the ghoulish act of body snatching in that time and yet right underneath the noses of Lancaster family, the patriarch of the family is removed from his death bed and the body of proof is cleansed.

Lewis: The Lions of Nemea. Television Review. I.T.V.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Kevin Whatley, Laurence Fox, Rebecca Front, Angela Griffin, Clare Holman, Clive Merrison, John Light, Ian East, Kitty Rich, Sian Brooke, Jason Done, Jessica Henwick, Andrea Lowe, Rosie Cavaliero, Jenny Howe, Michael Ryan.

Heracles would have perhaps laboured in vain to understand to the 21st Century condition of false self pride and murderous intent that seems to be more prevalent than at any time in history, especially it seems in the academic halls of Oxford, to the point where he might have got in touch with Sisyphus and asked if it was possible to balance a collection of rocks on top of Everest for a while, than ever help the Thames Valley Police solve crimes in the area.

Bert And Dickie. B.B.C. Television. Television Review.

Originally published on L.S. Media. 26th July 2012.

Matt Smith and Sam Hoare as Bert and Dickie. Picture from the B.B.C.

L.S. Media Rating ****

Cast: Matt Smith, Sam Hoare, Geoffrey Palmer, Douglas Hodge, Thomas Arnold, Matt Barber, John Bird, Ron Cook, James Frain, Clive Merrison, Clive Russell, Sarah Vickers.

There will always be one story to come out of an Olympic Games that is ripe many years later to get a writer of quality excited and in turn the creative juices will bring about a script that is both touching and passionate and yet reveals the hidden anguish behind some of the great Olympians.