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Strike: The Silkworm. Television Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Tom Burke, Holliday Grainger, Tim McInnerny, Dominic Mafham, Tasmin Topolski, Tom Greaves, Monica Dolan, Liz Williams, Rob Callender, Jeremy Swift, Peter Sullivan, Dorothy Atkinson, Catherine Bailey.

Why anyone would want to be friends with a novelist or any form of writer who sees the muse in almost anything is one of those rare questions that never truly gets answered; to be a friend of a writer is to open yourself up to the knowledge that some part of your personality might be the basis of a character’s reason for existing somewhere down the line.

And Then There Were None, Television Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Catherine Bailey, Douglas Booth, Charles Dance, Maeve Dermody, Burn Gorman, Christopher Hatherall, Anne Maxwell Martin, Sam Neil, Miranda Richardson, Toby Stephens, Noah Taylor, Ben Deery, Jim Main, Daisy Waterstone.

The British obsession with murder owes more to the conditioning belief of understanding that order will always be restored rather than wanting to see someone get away with the act. Not for nothing is the book charts on any local high street bookshop always seen to have the latest crime novel within tidy ranks but the authors of such are seen arguably to be in the eyes of many people amongst the most interesting to read. Nobody wants to see anyone get away with murder but there is always something slightly devilish about hoping to see it attempted and in Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None murder is drawn to a perfect art.

Midsomer Murders, Wild Harvest. Television Review, I.T.V.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 7/10

Cast Neil Dudgeon, Gwilym Lee, Fiona Dolman, Tazmin Malleson, Arabella Weir, Sharon Small, Clive Wood, Mark Elliott, Lucinda Dryzek, Tyger Drew-Honey, Hayley Mills, Matt Kennard, Catherine Bailey, Lucy Akhurst, Neil McCaul.

Too many cooks can spoil the broth, or at least, make it inedible due to the nature of the toxic substance found lurking within its fatal ingredients. For the residents of Midsomer Wyvern and especially those who work under dictatorial chef Ruth Cameron at Wyvern House, life is about to get a little hotter in the kitchen.