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My Country; A Work In Progress, Theatre Review. Playhouse Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Seema Bowri, Cavan Clarke, Laure Elphinstone, Adam Ewan, Penny Layden, Stuart McQuarrie, Christine Patterson.

Our voice is important, our opinions even more so and yet we decry others without even understanding them, without taking the time to truly listen without interrupting to what they are saying; at times it can seem like we have never gone past the ethics of the playground, whoever shouts loudest wins the argument. It is one that can be seen to have divided the nation, in some ways irrevocably, for the long foreseeable future as we continue to discuss the almost senseless act of offering a hopeful reasoned debate on the expectation of Britain’s role in the European Union, its position of a once in a lifetime vote of in or out.

Carol Ann Duffy. Studio 2, The Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

The World’s Wife, the attention of the wrapped and poetic cool could not perhaps compete with the Edinburgh Festival’s more edgy and dark comedians, the abundance of plays or even the thought of a trek upon the extinct remains of Arthur’s Seat. However, for the poetic savvy, the ones who see instinctively the value in the power of words delivered by the exulted Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy as she looked her audience in the eye and read from a selection of her works, this was as close to a heavenly experience as could possibly be imagined.

Roger McGough Thrills The Playhouse Theatre With Poetic Licence.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * * *

Very few poets can hold an audience’s attention in the same vein as Roger McGough. Even when he comes home to his native Liverpool, the crowds flock to see him in a similar way that you might expect to see pop stars that would find themselves surrounded by an adoring public, desperate just for a song or two. The crowds that make up the Playhouse Theatre are more discerning than the sight of those baying for blood from the latest protégé to come off the musical television conveyor belt and for an hour and a half, Roger McGough had all of them all spellbound in poetic glee.

Roger McGough, As Far As I Know. Book Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Roger McGough’s reputation goes before him. A man whose poetry touches all who read, take interest and enjoy the fascinating and humour filled poems. One of the Liverpool beat poets, along with Adrian Henri and Brian Patten, who has inspired generation after generation of the city’s inhabitants and bought the distinctive voice of those people to the wider world.

Tori Amos, Scarlett’s Walk. 10th Anniversary Retrospective.

When listening to Tori Amos it almost feels that you are joining her on a spiritual journey in which she alone knows the final destination and she will lead you blindfold past the final signpost whilst holding your heart carefully as she goes. Such is the timeless beauty of Scarlett’s Walk that it easily ranks in the top three studio releases by the enigmatic piano player.