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Bruce Dickinson, What Does This Button Do? Book Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

The insatiable desire to learn, experiment and not stand still, that is the first thought that might run through the mind when reading Bruce Dickinson’s What Does This Button Do? Yet despite all the glory, the incredible dexterity in which he has juggled the almost impossible, lead singer and unmistakeable voice of Iron Maiden, half a dozen solo albums, writer, maker of film, swashbuckling blade for Great Britain, airline pilot and for all we know would make a finer example of Prime Minister than many of the incumbents to hold office. What comes across is the realisation that at times this is a man who has actually lived; he has not taken a single day for granted and that in itself is more powerful, more genuine, than many autobiographies that seek to address a perspective of a life in the limelight.