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The Story Giant, Theatre Review. Everyman Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Richard Bremmer, Tom Kanji, Asha Kingsley, Elliott Kingsley, Melanie La Barrie.

No matter the story, if it is told with a sense of thriving passion then it has the ability to nurture life, to explode with an array of colours, light and images, it has the never ending possibilities to ensure that the imagination is always keen to explore and that the mind, the most important and beautiful tool than humanity possesses, is kept open to embrace change and hungry for more.

Yorkshire Poet Simon Armitage Supplies Liverpool With Great Evening Of Entertainment.

Liverpool has more than its fair share of visiting musicians and theatre groups ready to entertain their genial hosts; sometimes there are those that are conspicuous by their absence but the prodigious home grown talent that runs through the very heart of Merseyside more than makes up for that. What is missing is the poets, the speakers of lines with no music attached in which to give the people of Liverpool their other fix, the well placed word in the right place that can topple Governments, bring the idiotic to their knees…or even just put a smile on a face and inspire the next breed of would be poets.

Tim Kingham, Comic Reflections & Cosmic Truths. Poetry Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Poetry in Liverpool and its surrounding areas has had a huge mountain to climb in terms of ever trying to match what went before it after the Second World War and the arrival of the beat poetry that influenced a generation of poetry lovers in Merseyside and beyond. The names of Brian Patten, Adrian Henri and Roger McGough are forever entwined with that time and any promising composer of words has the knowledge that they have an almost near impossible task infront of them. There are a number of poets in Liverpool today who can fill any void left and amongst them is the Wirral’s Tim Kingham.

Roger McGough, As Far As I Know. Book Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Roger McGough’s reputation goes before him. A man whose poetry touches all who read, take interest and enjoy the fascinating and humour filled poems. One of the Liverpool beat poets, along with Adrian Henri and Brian Patten, who has inspired generation after generation of the city’s inhabitants and bought the distinctive voice of those people to the wider world.