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Alexx Calise, Breathe, Single Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

Take stock and Breathe, perhaps now more than ever the world simply has to breathe and not be fooled into believing everything has a quick fix, this is not a sink hole in Japan, it is real life, astonishing, beautiful and at times a whole lot scary but still life.

It is a life that has carried the music of Alexx Calise across the Atlantic Ocean and back, has made her a much sought after name to listen to in her native homeland, in all the guises and musical hats that she has been part of and throughout it all she has breathed and kept her heart open and as she releases her latest single, Breathe, she once more offers the sense of the dramatic within the hands of the sensational.

Lexie Green, Breathe. Album Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

You can only imagine what goes in the minds of musicians before the On-Air sign goes to red, the dawning realisation that this is the moment in which to shine or even fall, the many questions that buzz like pregnant Queen Bees and spawning more and more self-interrogations and pricking the conscience in their own self-defence.

Midge Ure, Gig Review. Citadel, St Helens.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

When Midge Ure steps on stage, all eyes are naturally always on him. There is the noticeable and understandable plethora of pictures taken by the long term fan wanting to keep their collections up to date of the man that has thrilled them for over 30 years and then the odd shy newcomer taking a picture and hoping that nobody minds. Then it all stops, the camera’s seem to be put away and nobody dares put off the man who makes a Saturday night out, a real treat. What is left is a man who bought songs such as Vienna, If I Was and Dancing With Tears In My Eyes and the guitar, no more no less and the result is tremendous.