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The Piper’s Lament, Audio Drama. Read By Frazer Hines.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Frazer Hines

Perhaps the only thing worse then never being able to remember your name, is the life you have had. Something that can cause great concern and consternation as you battle each day to remember what your life was like during a set period of time. For an old Scottish man who talks to a stranger in a pub, only his life before the battle of Culloden and the hardship he faced after his return are the only memories that he has, everything else is a like a dream and in David Howe’s audio drama The Piper’s Lament, the mournful and the laying of memories down go hand in hand.

Sherlock Holmes: Holmes And The Ripper. Audio Drama, Big Finish.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Nicholas Briggs, Richard Earl, India Fisher, Sheryl Gannaway, Lex Shrapnel, Samuel Clemens, Matt Addis, Ian Brooker, Beth Chalmers, David Peart, John Banks,

The now familiar sound of a mournful violin playing draws in the listener to the story Holmes and The Ripper, what keeps them there is the unvarnished excellence that audio drama company Big Finish and writer Brian Clemens bring to one of the darkest periods of East End London and how they imagine Sherlock Holmes, portrayed by one of the main men at Big Finish in Nicholas Briggs, would have been coaxed into solving the murder.