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Rita, Sue And Bob Too!, Theatre Review. Theatre Royal, St. Helens.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Lee Latchford-Evans, Crissy Rock, Micky Finn, Ann Marie Davies, Emily Fleeshman, Olivia Sloyan, Derren Ankers.

Rita, Sue and Bob Too! is a play which asks so much of an audience that it might miss the very mark it is actually aiming for if not delivered with great care and attention and moulded gently by a Director who sees past the big picture and who can really push the unseen and near obscure to the very front.

One Night In Istanbul, Theatre Review. Liverpool Empire Theatre.

Originally published by L.S. Media. May 18th 2010.

Cast: John McArdle, Neil Fitzmaurice, Ann Marie Davies, James Spofforth, Steven Fletcher, Tony Caveney, Darren Farley, Kate McEvoy, Anthony Goddfrey, Marc Hughes, James Johnson, Ian Kellgren.

Every Liverpool or football fan knows where they were the night Liverpool won the European Cup/Champions League in 2005 for the fifth time. Some were possibly were around the country enjoying the late May evening and getting more and more despondent as the first half drew on to its bitter conclusion, certainly they would have felt helpless as they were so far away from the Ataturk Stadium that their cheers and groans were only audible to those sharing a pub with them in Bootle, Toxteth, and all points in between.