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In The Millennial Dome, Theatre Review. Fredericks, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Cast: Alex Ferguson, Geraint R. Williams.

Much is made of the Millennial, to some this group of people who have come into the world after the nihilism and cynicism of Generation X are to be seen with a sneer and not so positive attitude or recommendation appearing on the corners of the mouths of those who came after the end World War Two, the so called Baby Boomers, and those to whom the Counter Culture was not just grasped for but willingly so. However, rather than the strident pessimism of the Generation X and the awkward suspicion of the baby boomer, for those immersed in the unhinged times of the 21st Century, being In The Millennial Dome is perhaps the hardest times of all, and those who fight within should be applauded rather than condemned.

Liverpool-Based Poet And Writer’s New Original Writing Piece In the Millennial Dome Previews At Liverpool Fringe.

On the 26th and 28th of June, in Frederiks on Hope Street, Liverpool poet and writer Alex Ferguson’s brand new comic play with poems will preview before it’s Edinburgh run. In the Millennial Dome is a comic look at 20-somethings’ constant battle with indecision and getting the best out of life.

“It’s good to be busy.”

In a bar somewhere in a trendy part of London that you’ve probably never heard of, Tim and George, two classic 20-something Millennials, consider their futures. Tim, a poet who seems to have his life on track, helps George play through hypothetical possibility of life in the Millennial Dome. It promises to provide comedy and intrigue, but also highlights the issues facing an internet generation given a lot of choice without direction.