Pain Relief.

Just that little nudge,

the everyday elbow

that sends you ever closer

to the final straw snapping

somewhere in the darkness.

Today I have a headache,

formed by the blood not flowing

properly and the neurons

firing at everything I am,

taking me downhill

like being ignored socially;

today I have a headache,

I keep rubbing my forehead,

almost violently, with the intention

to harm as my spine harms me,

my own payback

on the spite, my revenge

if you will,

1900 Voices.

1900 voices

in my head

saying nothing,


but not gentle, their silence

damning as they talk to each other,

whispering away,

laughing away

in the tranquillity of no noise,

no reached hand

to include, only

to ignore; these

1900 voices

in my head,

a pay for view

no attention

and I feel the turning away.


Ian D. Hall 2017

Church Blitz, Theatre Review. Unity Theatre, Liverpool.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10

Cast: Samantha Walton, Adam Nicholls, Niall Hogan, Warren Kettle, Megan Bond, Callum Forbes, Nick Sheedy.

Be careful who you let in, that knock at the door as you hide in safety in a sanctuary, huddled together with strangers as mysterious lights and deadly rays fill the sky; when the world experiences a phenomena it cannot explain, not only does life’s companion Death come to take you by the hand, but the nagging thought that the mischievous, malicious and malign could call round to join in the fireworks is very much a certainty.

Games On The Last Day Of Term.

The last day of anything

should be treated as though

it is a day for games, to emulate

the final day of term

in which the teacher, finally

acknowledging that she has exhausted

herself, gives up and lets the kids

run riot.

Parliament could play Buckeroo,

the appointed donkey

accounting for Government sins

as they try to explain

the difference

between a wheelchair, mental health,

a nurse’s salary and a nuclear bomb.

Athletic doping cheats,

at the moment of being banned

The Whitney Houston Show Kicks Off U.K. Tour In St. Helens.

Whitney Houston fans are in for a treat this Autumn when The Greatest Love of All: The Whitney Houston Show comes to St. Helens Theatre Royal on Friday 1st September, the first date in the shows 2017 U.K. tour! The show has gone from success to success since its inception in 2013, boasting sell-out shows in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe and the U.K.

The two-hour stage show – an uplifting tribute to the music and memory of global superstar and pop icon Whitney Houston – features the breath-taking vocal talent of South African songstress Belinda Davids who brings Houston’s biggest pop hits and ballads to life, live on stage.

Rainbow Colours Spread Love And Pride City Wide.


Liverpool has turned all the colours of the rainbow – and with the help of Liverpool Pride’s headline sponsor Barclays, even the city’s world-famous Liver Birds have become birds of paradise on their posts high above the River Mersey to celebrate the return of Liverpool Pride Festival 2017.

The countdown is now on until the eighth consecutive Liverpool Pride Festival, which takes place across the weekend of Saturday 29th July and Sunday 30th July in the grounds of the spectacular St. George’s Hall Liverpool.

Lusterlit, List of Equipment. E.P. Review.

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10

Inspiration comes from anywhere, from the soul of ant creating a structure of tunnels so elaborate that it motivates the prisoner of war to dig through mounds of dirt and dust to escape his fate, through to the long worked on novel, a dedicated life’s work and shivered over as the worry of expectation over its prospects, and finding solace in the arms of a film maker wishing to take it on as his next blockbuster.

Old Punk Eddie.

There are days I remember

how old I am

and all that has gone,

floated down stream

and now poisons the oceans,

I remember the punk


waiting to jump Maggie

and take the self styled Iron

Lady down,

in picture form,


those memories

are the ones that

make me smile the


Ian D. Hall 2017

A Whole World Of Magic Set To Cast Spell Over The Epstein Theatre.

Audiences of The Epstein Theatre simply won’t believe their eyes this September, with three incredible performances of unmissable magic including World Stars of Magic and Abracadabra taking place Friday 15th and Saturday 16th September.

World Stars of Magic is an exciting and fast-moving family show featuring some of the world’s greatest magicians, with two performances across the Friday and Saturday evening.

From the London Palladium to Hollywood’s Magic Castle and the Comedy Store to Channel 4’s Countdown, for over 30 years Paul Zenon, the U.K.’s top trickster has brought his unique combination of trickery and stand up to the stages and screens of around 40 countries worldwide.

Rebecca Ferguson Is Back In Liverpool As She Announces February 2018 Tour.

After coming runner-up on the seventh series of U.K.’s The X Factor, Rebecca Ferguson has not been short of success since her first appearance on the reality television show in 2010. Having co-written her record-breaking debut album Heaven, and going on to release a further three follow-ups, Rebecca has proven herself to be a recording artist with a passion for her craft that is second to none.

Released in 2011, Heaven, was a critical and commercial success selling 128,000 copies in its first week and peaked at No. 3 in the U.K. Official Charts, making her the fastest-selling debut solo artist of the past decade (2007-2017).